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Kristen A. Jul 10, 2018

What types of extracurricular activities are colleges most interested in?

Are they more interested in group activities like marching band or a sports team? Or are they more interested in academic organizations like student government, FBLA, or SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer)? Is work experience, like teaching piano lessons, equally as important or more...

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John G. May 25, 2018

Should I focus on academics or extracurricular activities?

I will start a one year graduate program this fall. I am also active as a volunteer and leader in several organizations that match my interests and later career goals. If my academic responsibilities and my responsibilities due to my positions in these organizations conflict, can it make sense...

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Erykah W. Apr 25, 2018

What college extracurriculars should I focus on?

I'm starting college in the fall and am wondering what type of extracurriculars I should do. I'm aware of the many types that my school offers but I want to know how my time would be best spent as a pre-med student. I will of course do what I find enjoyable but I also want to know of any...

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Ian D. Mar 20, 2018

Are there any particular clubs that would be beneficial post-college?

I'm curious if there are any specific fields of clubs anyone would recommend that might help me post-college. I'm talking about non-frats, since my transfer college doesn't offer those. #extracurriculars #student-clubs #college...


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Tamron S. Jan 16, 2018

What are some good ways to make connections and get ahead while still in college?

Also, how can I land an internship in college and what year of college is best to complete one? What other things should I do in college to give me a more competitive edge for jobs when I graduate? #jobs #internships #extracurriculars #graduation #college...


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Kelly F. Apr 17, 2018

How much extracurricular work is too much?

Graduate classes + a (mandatory) internship + a job = Too much? My graduate program requires me to work an internship. My financial situation requires me to work another job. But after the homework, the interning, and the work days -- will I miss out on school organizations, meetings,...

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Caitlin G. Apr 12, 2018

Advice for extracurricular activities?

I am going to a four-year college in the fall, and I want to participate in extracurricular activities. I know it will look better on my college resume, and possibly open up the door for more scholarships However, I have panic disorder and am not very good around large groups of people. I am...

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Hanan M. Apr 04, 2018

What are some of the extracurrciulars I should have on my resume for competitive schools and medical schools?

I'm kind of confused on which extracurriculars to join that will make my resume look good for competitive schools and medical schools in general. Are there any specific must-haves I should have like NHS? What are some of the extra ones that will also look good? #extracurriculars...

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Joseph T. Mar 20, 2018

How time consuming are Extracurricular activities in college?

High school activities are often a big commitment. For someone in college for engineering will it be too much? #extracurriculars...


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Lauren S. Mar 20, 2018

Is it too late to be involved in extracurricular activities HS Junior Year?

I remember when I was just an upcoming freshman at my high school and I was eager to get involved with my school and the community around me. However... I'm getting more and more stressed out on one area where colleges/universities like to see in their applications: extracurriculars. I haven't...

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Hannah C. Mar 06, 2018

How do I make sure that my academic and extracurricular life are well-balanced?

I am in my first year of college and trying to figure out the right balance for my involvement with clubs and academics. What is a good level of involvement that I should try to achieve?...


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Zainab J. Jan 17, 2018

What kind of activities could I expect going into college?

I usually have a lot of spare time on my hands and would like to spend it doing fun things. #extracurriculars...


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Joy Z. Jan 25, 2018

How does volunteering help you get into college?

At what level would volunteer hours help you get into college? people did a lot of volunteer works, but I don't know how do that would help you get into college. what information do people get from the volunteer works? #college #volunteerhours #collegeadives #collegeadministration...

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Tiffany K. Jan 25, 2018

Around how many extra curriculars should I involve myself in each year?

Unsure if I can have good time management and also get the grades I need....


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Christopher H. Jan 25, 2018

How do I effectively balance my classes, extra-curricular activities, and new life as a freshman in college?

I plan on going into college optimistically, as I wish to make the most of my new path in life. However, starting an entirely new life in unfamiliar territory away from home, I wonder if there is a certain mindset or routine I could use to adapt to my new situation. I plan on taking rigorous...

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Elizabeth H. Jan 21, 2018

How involved should I be in college?

I’m going to be graduating high school very soon and then entering college. I want to be able to be involved in college, but I want to know when too much is too much. #highschoolsenior #college...


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Sohaib A. Jan 18, 2018

How much do extracurricular activities matter?

I am a junior in high school and have a strong work ethic for academics, but I am not athletically or musicially talented. I am in swimming and in orchestra, but I am not the best at those activities. Will it effect my chance to become successful in life?...


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Paula M. Jan 17, 2018

Do extracurriculars really matter in high school and does it look better to take college classes rather than AP courses?

My school does not offer many extracurriculars and does not have any AP classes but there are college classes provided. #college #high-school-classes #classes #extracurriculars...


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Mariam I. Jan 16, 2018

How important are extracurriculars to grad school?

In high school, extracurricular clubs and activities are a big part of college applications. When applying for grad school, is this the same way? Or do grad schools just look for consistently high grades? #grades #extracurriculars #grad #graduate-school ##gradschool #graduateschool...

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Nicky C. Dec 13, 2017

Do CSU's look at your extracirricular activites?

I have frequently heard that California state schools like Calpoly do not view your Extracurricular activities and they only view your academic achievements. Is this true or is that just a myth? #csu #california #college #extracurriculars...


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Ethan G. Jan 06, 2018

How should I go about getting involved on my campus?

I transferred into my current university halfway through my freshman year. I'm a junior now and I still struggle to find clubs and activities on campus that I can get involved in; any tips for a shy guy trying to get involved on campus? #college #introvert...


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Jamie L. Mar 09, 2017

How do I manage time effectively?

I am a junior in high school and one skill that i need to grasp is time management. I am a person who is always hyperactive but I also get distracted a lot and I want to know what it takes to manage my time more effectively. I ask this because I still need to learn how to finish my schoolwork...

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lolo L. Jan 04, 2017

What extracurricular activity should college student do to help build their Resume?

My dream job as a child is to be in hospitality industry, so I am asking to get some point of idea to help me get in that field. #business #extracurriculars...


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aakhash G. Mar 20, 2017

What's the best way to approach clubs in college?

I'm a senior looking to decide how and what kind of clubs, I want to approach and join next year. #college #college-bound #extracurriculars #college-recruiting...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Feb 27, 2017

Is volunteering a lot enough to make me stand out when applying to colleges?

I am homeschooled, so I don't have very many extracurricular activity opportunities. I do volunteer a lot, usually 150-200 hours a year. Will that be enough to make me stand out when I apply to colleges, or no? Thanks! #college #business #education #higher-education #volunteering...

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Diljot S.’s Avatar
Diljot S. Feb 18, 2017

What are things outside of school considered extra curricular?

Other than volunteering, what's another way I can get extra curriculars outside of school? #school #extracurriculars...


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Daniella F. Dec 26, 2016

Should high school students be focused on doing extracurricular activities based off of what they would want to major in college?

I have a friend who really wants to become a doctor, and almost all her extracurricular activities are tied around medicine. She did a medical program in Harvard, volunteers at a hospital, etc. Would she have a better chance of getting in somewhere because she knows what she wants and is doing...

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Nada D. Dec 21, 2016

Where can a person go to learn cryptography and ciphers?

I am interested in making a hobby out of these two things and I am wondering where exactly I can go to acquire such skills? If anyone knows anything on this subject it would be much appreciated for any pointers in the right direction! #extracurriculars #hobbies #cryptography...