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Career Questions tagged Clubs

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Dec 09, 2022 175 views

Should I join Clubs?

Should I join any clubs that aren't related to medicine, science, or math in high school? If yes, what are some excellent suggestions and why?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 20, 2022 391 views

What would be the benefits of joining Phi Theta Kappa as a remote student?

My community college has invited me to join their Phi Theta Kappa club several times. However, I don't feel that there's much point in me joining because I am a remote out of state student. I don't that I would be very much involved in the club. The only benefit that I can think of is that it...

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Aug 21, 2020 349 views

Hi! Does anyone have any advice on starting a mock trial club or a mock trial team at their high school?

I already have a Forensics Team at my high school, so I am not sure if there will be any conflicts. On top of that, with coronavirus, I am doubtful there will be any mock trial tournaments. I've done a lot of research about mock trial and I think it would be a great addition to my school, but I...

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Jul 10, 2018 545 views

What types of extracurricular activities are colleges most interested in?

Are they more interested in group activities like marching band or a sports team? Or are they more interested in academic organizations like student government, FBLA, or SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer)? Is work experience, like teaching piano lessons, equally as important or more...

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 25, 2018 543 views

How important are extracurricular activities?

I'm an active member of several clubs, but I'm not a leader or president or anything. I want to build my resume, but I'm not exactly sure what stands out. The clubs I'm apart of are: Model UN, Forensics, FBLA and Science Club. (And I'm not participating to get into college, I'm doing them...

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Apr 28, 2018 567 views

I was recently accepted into the University of Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations. I wanted to know if joining clubs or even Greek Life benefited you in the long run with internships and/or even job opportunities?

#public-relations #greek-life #clubs #internships

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Jan 30, 2018 786 views

What are some tips for making the most of college?

#college #college-major #college-advice #college-bound #college-selection #colleges #internships #volunteering #programs #clubs #gpa #studying-tips #university #higher-education #summer-abroad #college-recruiting #college-jobs #college-majors

Julisa’s Avatar
Julisa Jan 17, 2018 864 views

How do I get information on different programs and clubs outside of school?

Recently, I have learned about different programs that are offered to students in my community, that I have never heard of before, until now. With this realization, I'd like to know how to be able to get informed if there are other programs or clubs that I'd be able to participate in. Not only...

Aimee’s Avatar
Aimee Oct 31, 2016 850 views

What clubs/organizations should I take while possibly majoring in astronomy?

I want to major in astronomy (and possibly minor in computer science) and try to get at least a bachelor's degree and at most a master's degree. For the longest time I wanted to work at NASA but I also understand that to get any job relating to astronomy I need to do internships and possibly be...

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Aug 15, 2016 803 views

What were some entrepreneurial classes that helped you through your journey?

My cousin focused on taking classes related to business & finance while in high school. He also joined clubs dealing with entrepreneurship. So what did you do? #business #finance #entrepreneurship #social #classes #entrepreneur #clubs #focused

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 09, 2016 1230 views

On-campus activities to exercise business-leadership skills?

Hi all,

I know every college campus is different - different clubs, organizations and communities - but what are some on-campus organizations I should look into for more business-leadership experience? #college #business #leadership #organization #clubs

Ricku’s Avatar
Ricku May 27, 2016 1340 views

How can I start a new club chapter at my new high school?

I'm going to be a sophomore in a new high school this fall and I was wondering about how to start a new club chapter for this school. I'm interested in starting clubs like HOSA and Science Olypiad. I want some tips and help on starting the clubs. #science #medicine #high-school...

Lissy’s Avatar
Lissy May 27, 2016 1127 views

With a busy after school schedule what are some things that stand out in college applications that are not school affiliated?

It's a well known fact that colleges look for many extracurricular activities while viewing an individual's application. At my school I am involved with the drama club and due to the intense schedule of productions, whenever I have free time in the year it is at an awkward time (only December,...

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie May 13, 2016 2105 views

How many clubs should I get involved in during my Freshman year of college?

I'm thinking of joining quite a few, but I don't want to overload myself and end up shooting myself in the foot #clubs