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Hi! Does anyone have any advice on starting a mock trial club or a mock trial team at their high school?

I already have a Forensics Team at my high school, so I am not sure if there will be any conflicts. On top of that, with coronavirus, I am doubtful there will be any mock trial tournaments. I've done a lot of research about mock trial and I think it would be a great addition to my school, but I don't know enough to be teaching other people. Any advice helps! Thank you! #mocktrial #highschool #clubs

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2 answers

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Judy’s Answer

Hi Claire,

This is a great idea and it would be worth finding a few teachers or professional volunteers to partner with you. It seems like you will need guidance and support to host something of this nature.
Here are a few questions that come to mind:

1. Who is in your circle of network that has the expertise to teach, judge, provide feedback on a mock trial?
2. If none, are you aware of forensics organizations you can ask for a call and get their feedback on this idea OR even ask if they'd be interested in volunteering as a judge for this event?
3. Even if it's not a tournament, are there students who are interested in presenting a mock trial and getting feedback? If there is an interest for that, work with teachers to see who can provide time to judge and give feedback.

Hope that helps and good luck! This is a great idea!

Great, this is super helpful! Thank you so much!! Claire G.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Claire! We actually had mock trial at my high school senior year; we had a new teacher for You and the Law who also taught Civics. I think it's important to find someone who teaches alongside of law or can have more details about it and maybe get their support, in addition make sure you have individuals who are interested to join as well! I believe with a teacher or faculty member ready to lead and finding ways to fund yourself, you can bring it up to the principal or whoever is looking more directly at clubs and organizations.

Best of luck!