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Massiel’s Avatar
Massiel Aug 29, 2023 688 views

I want to get an internship in a UI/UX Design role, but everything I find are senior roles or min.5 year experience. I don't know how else to get experience unless it's through Freelance, but then that way I won't learn much. Any leads or suggestions on how to make this happen?

Current UI/UX Design student, with Industrial design and Visual Merchandising background.

Laa’s Avatar
Laa Jul 28, 2023 505 views

How should I start my resume?

Next year I want to get my first job and I'm stuck on how I should start my resume.

Marisol’s Avatar
Marisol Dec 21, 2020 420 views

What skills do I need to work at a clothing store?

#retailsales #clothingstore #clothes

Shad’s Avatar
Shad Dec 21, 2020 1025 views

Whats a good way to find a internship

What internships are there at colleges #internships

Janelle’s Avatar
Janelle Sep 02, 2020 730 views

how do I get started with choosing a career?

#psychology I'm starting my senior year in high school this fall, but I'm not sure what I should do. I have a huge interest in psychology and I want to major in psych, but my father says that it's pretty hard to finds jobs with a psychology degree. I just need some guidance on what steps I...

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 23, 2020 438 views

What are some tips on how to keep up with your resume and volunteering?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Aug 21, 2020 508 views

Hi! Does anyone have any advice on starting a mock trial club or a mock trial team at their high school?

I already have a Forensics Team at my high school, so I am not sure if there will be any conflicts. On top of that, with coronavirus, I am doubtful there will be any mock trial tournaments. I've done a lot of research about mock trial and I think it would be a great addition to my school, but I...

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 424 views

How diverse is the student body in medical school?

#diversity #students

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 22, 2020 403 views

Prior to my interest in medicine, I enjoyed doing art (drawing and sketching). Are there any medical professions that I can incorporate my love for both? [I know this may be a long shot]

#art #medicine #career

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2020 624 views

What are somme online activities I can do now that clubs and other volunteer are being postponed or unavailable?

#career #medical #career-advice #school #medicine #career-path

olive’s Avatar
olive Jul 27, 2020 3847 views

How do you “sell yourself” without sounding arrogant in an interview or application?

I normally have plenty of accomplishments that can fit “experience” or what ever it is being asked. But I always have a hard time listing them because I absolutely hate bragging. #interviews #interviewing-skills #student #high-school #job

olive’s Avatar
olive Jul 27, 2020 912 views

What is the best age to start making a physical resume?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am realizing that it may be a good idea to start creating a resume and wondering if I should, and if so what is the best kind of thing to put on it?
#high-school #education #resume #student #college#lawyer

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jul 03, 2020 733 views

How do you train yourself to be more self-disciplined?

I day dream wayyyy too much. But because of it I'm super ambitious. #selfimprovement

Png’s Avatar
Png Jun 08, 2020 576 views

If I want to be a children's book illustrator, what can I do to get my own style for comission work?

I am majoring in English language at a super normal university in Vietnam. If I keep going, I am fear of wasting time on unnecessary things. Moreover, my university is not famous for my major and I don't see myself grow enormously any skills that I had studied after about two years. Therefore,...

Troy Deluccia’s Avatar
Troy Oct 26, 2017 1268 views

Where to find a part time at home job?

I Have. #microsoft word technology. I love Apple too. I have human skills. Such as:Talking, Listening, using manners, asking questions, looking good, being cheerful, And being professional.