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What are somme online activities I can do now that clubs and other volunteer are being postponed or unavailable?

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6 answers

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Judy’s Answer

Hi Daniela,

I'm sure it's challenging right now when resources, clubs and organizations you looked towards for experience, are now paused or closed due to Covid-19. I've been advising students to search and think "outside the box." Here are a few questions I'll list for you to consider:

1. What experiences would you like to gain?
(Organizational skills, project management, social media/marketing, etc?)

2. Is there something you can create/provide to help others who are in the same boat as you?
(Mentor match program? Host weekly virtual gatherings for support? Virtual Clubs? Organize volunteer efforts?)

3. Who in your network can help make #2 come true?
(Teachers from your school? Clubs/Orgs you can promote to? Mentors to help you guide through the process)


I want to encourage you that by thinking outside of the box, you can create/provide something new for yourself and others. While doing it, you will gain knowledge, experience and sharpen your skills. Could it be a virtual club? Organize a volunteer effort and utilize your networking/marketing/Event planning skills. Ask your classmates if they want to have a mentor- how can you match mentors with your classmates? If you love children, could you offer book reading sessions? Create a YT channel and read books or a podcast?

Try something new and be okay if it doesn't work out. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Thank you!! Daniela T.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Daniela! I think there are some helpful online volunteering opportunities currently and I attached two links below that really give helpful information. Remember as well that many families are struggling with changing times, so if you could safely go shopping for your elderly family member or neighbor or maybe donate to a food drive that will also be helpful as well! It's really about making a difference!Lastly, if you are below 18 don't forget to get permission from your parent/guardian as most opportunities require this!

Best of luck!

Yasemin recommends the following next steps:

Check out https://www.pointsoflight.org/virtual-volunteering-opportunities/

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Estelle’s Answer

Hello, Daniela,
I work at a free clinic here in my city. I am sure that there are clinics open in dire need of help even if it is not direct patient care given the social distancing. Our food pantry is also asking for volunteers to organize and distribute food. Once again, there might be less contact with recipients, but the need for help is greater now.

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Pamela’s Answer

Very good question. Since so many schools are working online, schools are becoming proficient in creating connections with mentors and tutors. You could start with reaching out to address the needs of the schools in your area. The Red Cross, United Way, AmeriCorps, and Area Food Banks always have virtual opportunities. You can also look up https://www.volunteermatch.org/virtual-volunteering to find good matches. They have an area designated for virtual opportunities.

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Crystal’s Answer

In terms of online opportunities, I would suggest identifying what kind of skills you want to gain and impact you want to make. Once you have a clear idea of what skills you want, the impact you want to make/cause you are passionate about, what you can contribute, you can look into organizations that you are interested in and cold email a recruiter/contact through linkedin/contact us link on their website and offer to intern/virtually volunteer.

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Nikita’s Answer

Great question! I found the other answers very useful too. I've used this website: https://www.dosomething.org/us/articles/9-places-to-volunteer-online-and-make-a-real-impact
I've volunteered on a couple opportunities there and found it very rewarding.