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Kaseem’s Avatar
Kaseem Jun 14, 2023 223 views

How can I prepare for college

I am a Junior In high school and I come to realize that high school is will be over in a year and I don’t know what college or Major I want to do .

Xiaoming’s Avatar
Xiaoming Jun 13, 2023 228 views

Is it good for a high-schooler to invest in stocks?

Is it good for a high-schooler to invest in stocks. Like i know how investment is a dangerous choice but in other way i think it's a fun and good way to make extra money.

Allbree’s Avatar
Allbree Jun 14, 2023 417 views

How will i know if this is the path in life i want to follow?

i’m a senior in high school, how do i know which field in college is best for me, and how will i know which career is best suited for me?

Chen’s Avatar
Chen Jun 12, 2023 460 views

What should I look for when touring a college?

I will be touring a few colleges, what should I check to see if it is the right fit for me?

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Apr 12, 2023 402 views

What is the best studying method for unmotivated student?

I'm a high school senior and about to get into college, but I lost motivation. I know college is completely different from high school, it's more complicated and I don't feel prepared to go to college, but it's what I always wanted. Going to college has always been one of my goals.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 11, 2023 1518 views

Is it the best option to get a job right after high school ends?

One of the things that have been on my mind for a little bit of time.

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Apr 03, 2023 404 views

How to prepare for college?

I am a senior in high school

Jensen’s Avatar
Jensen Apr 06, 2023 616 views

Should I go to college after highschool?

I feel like if I don’t go it may impact me later in the future with finding a job.

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Apr 03, 2023 488 views

How do I manage having a job and college?

I am a senior in high school

Deyalith’s Avatar
Deyalith Mar 26, 2023 455 views

best major to become a vet?

what major is best to become a vet? i was looking at biology or maybe zoology but i'm not really sure which i should pick. any advice for major choices or different options would be appreciated.

Neharika’s Avatar
Neharika Mar 01, 2023 723 views

Picking a major?

How can you be sure you'll succeed in your career when you pick a college major?

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Feb 17, 2023 486 views

What should I do if I don't get into any of the colleges I've applied to?

I applied to 9 colleges, but now I'm getting worried that I might not get into any of them. If I do end up not getting into any of the colleges, what are some things I could do?

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Feb 23, 2023 336 views

Decent jobs for current high schoolers?

current senior in high school never had a job

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Feb 23, 2023 561 views

What are some good jobs for teens in high school?

I am a senior in high school

Maryam’s Avatar
Maryam Jan 06, 2023 434 views


How do I develop my extracurriculars for my college application in 1 year?