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Neharika Mar 01 163 views

Picking a major?

How can you be sure you'll succeed in your career when you pick a college major?

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Jenny Feb 17 183 views

What should I do if I don't get into any of the colleges I've applied to?

I applied to 9 colleges, but now I'm getting worried that I might not get into any of them. If I do end up not getting into any of the colleges, what are some things I could do?

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Dennis Feb 23 103 views

Decent jobs for current high schoolers?

current senior in high school never had a job

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ISAIAH Feb 23 150 views

What are some good jobs for teens in high school?

I am a senior in high school

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Maryam Jan 06 147 views


How do I develop my extracurriculars for my college application in 1 year?

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Finn Dec 02, 2022 337 views

What are some jobs that are high paying but don't require a college degree?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that you don't need a college degree for that still provide a high salary.

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Ryan Feb 09 245 views

Finding your career?

How long does it usually take people to realize what they want or have interest in in college when they don't have any in highschool?

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Steve Jan 03, 2018 723 views

How do I pick which college to go to?

#education #college #college-advice #college-selection #college-admissions

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JJ Feb 09 141 views

how do I get into a college?

I want to know how to get into a good college. I want to learn how to apply for a good school and have a better chance of getting in.

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Tyler Feb 09 133 views

What is a good job that I would enjoy if I enjoy working and building stuff with wood?

I like to build all kinds of things but I especially like to use wood. I like to be creative and think of ideas then make that idea. I enjoy to work in groups or with another person.

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Daniella Jan 02 126 views

Becoming an air hostess and a movie actress?

How can i aquire my dreams by becoming an air hostess and a movie actress?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 204 views

Did you know what you wanted to be from the start or did it alter throughout the years?

Why do you like what you do?

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Heliana Dec 14, 2022 196 views

majoring in health science

What things during high school helped you realize that you wanted to major in the health field?

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Averi Dec 13, 2022 215 views

Medical Careers?

There are so many health science careers. How do I chose the one that is right for me? I feel like I am interested in so many things in this field (Nursing, sports medicine, physical therapy, etc.) but each career is very specific to only one thing.

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Mahir Jan 13 316 views

Volunteering Help?

How do i get shadowing or volunteering opportunities near me?