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Career Questions tagged Mathteacher

Jennifer L.’s Avatar
Jennifer L. Aug 17, 2018 457 views

An an aspiring high school mathematics teacher. what are some tips or activities I could use to engage my students in learning and make it enjoyable and fun instead of sitting in classroom for almost 2 hours?

Mathematics is one of the few subjects students struggle on and I aspire to be the teacher who make math exciting and easy to learn, but I have no clue on how to teach my students specific concepts in order for them to understand it. mathteacher educationmajor highschool teacher...

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Ashley D.’s Avatar
Ashley D. Jan 24, 2018 307 views

I want to be a high school math teacher and wondered if it is better to major in math or in secondary education with an endorsement in math.

I have my associates degree and have worked at a community college towards a math degree so that I can teach high school math. The school I am transferring to has suggested it would be best to switch my major to a secondary education major to get practice with teaching. The professors at...

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Jesse M.’s Avatar
Jesse M. Jan 22, 2018 292 views

I want to be a teacher and I don't know the best steps to do that or even the direction to take, all I know is that I have to go to college and get my Bachelors degree. So, is there anyone who can help guide me in the right direction?

I'm asking because I want to be a teacher once I get out of high school, specifically a math teacher. I'm currently a Junior and I've always been good at math as long as I try, it just comes natural. So with that said I think being a math teacher would work out well for me I just don't know how...

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Mackenzie M.’s Avatar
Mackenzie M. Jan 18, 2018 350 views

If I become a teacher is it responsible to move from state to state?

I know a lot of states offer pensions to teachers. I would like to experience life in many states but I am curious about how long I need to stay in a single state in order to accumulate a pension. pension mathteacher highschoolteacher...