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I want to be a professional trainer/strengths coach for a professional sports team. By the age of 25 I want to have my own business and thrive daily on what needs to be done. For me seriously, Working out while making money seems fruitful for me to be honest. I want to employ people along with this information so my networking can be as strong as the business itself. I want to have at least 15,000$ to put into my business. I think it would be enough, especially starting out. One goal that has been on my mind is creating a pretty good resume. I am going to do that by running track at San Jose State. While doing that, I am also going to get my PHD for sports science. At the time of me starting my business, I will include these tangibles. After I do that, I will be having two main sources of income. With that, I will have financial security. Then I will spend less and invest the rest. I heard that at a conference that I went to. I have put more thought into what I need to do. So to make my situation more sorted, When I am 22 years old I am going to be pretty secure with my business. Since I am starting it now, that would be 4 years of business experience. So that is something that I have my mind locked on right now. My physical therapist hours will vary. I will probably work part time since I am going to be focusing on my business more. With two sources of income I'm going to be financially secure. After I get my income, I am going to put most of it in savings. Savings is going to benefit me in the long run. Building good saving habits can lead me to be less worried about money when something bad happens. Probably another percentage into my 401k so when I retire I'm cool. After I start saving all of my money, I am going to try to own a couple properties. The pros of owning property are you can sell the property for commission. or pay it off and have no taxes on it. When you have the abundance of something like that, it can lead you to have more opportunities with business.


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Noah Apr 20 343 views

How are tests like in college?

Is it that much different that high school

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Noah Apr 20 414 views

What are the benefits are dorming inside a college campus?

Just want some peoples opinions on this.

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Noah Apr 18 310 views

How do I put myself out there in college?

I've been asking about this specific subject for a little bit, but I want to hear different perspectives about it.

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Noah Apr 18 349 views

are FRATS worth it in college?

I am curious about how it is

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Noah Apr 11 315 views

What's the most valuable lesson after you graduate college?

this could be in a more general sense, but I just want any answer, this could be more in a philosophical way.

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Noah Apr 11 320 views

Is it the best option to get a job right after high school ends?

One of the things that have been on my mind for a little bit of time.

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Noah Apr 03 227 views

How do I start saving money better?

I was never really taught about Saving money or finances in general. I'm just really curious about it because I do not want to suffer later in life when it matters.

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Noah Apr 03 323 views

What is Return on Investment and how do I do more research about it?

This is something that has been on my mind for a little bit. I heard this is a smart way to make money when you're doing your own business.

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Noah Mar 23 218 views

What is post-grad, and how do I approach on going to one after getting my bachelors ?

I just wanted to know how this works because I don't really understand it.

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Noah Mar 23 220 views

Should I get an accountant?

I do not know how to pay taxes, and I was wondering if an accountant is reasonable when I don't have that much knowledge on how to pay them in the first place.

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Noah Mar 15 197 views

How do I mentally prepare for the classes in college?

mostly the generalized classes first.

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Noah Mar 15 297 views

What's the best advice for an 18 year old going into college?

Going to SJSU, any things to look out for when first going on the campus

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Noah Mar 15 229 views

How do I become a better salesman?

I want to sell my business very well. I feel like I just need to be out there more, any tips ?

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Noah Mar 15 180 views

Is going to school and creating a business at the same time easy?

This is something that has been on my mind a lot

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Noah Mar 06 170 views

How much money would I have to put into my business realistically to get it running fairly quickly ?

I want to learn about this so I can at least get an estimate how much I should really spend.