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Career Questions tagged Knowledge

Kaia’s Avatar
Kaia Sep 11 112 views

Do you have to go to college to be a 911 dispatcher if so what are the best colleges to attend?

I want to be the person to answer the 911 calls, but I'm not sure if I have to attend college in order to do this.

Love’s Avatar
Love Aug 13 113 views

How do I get an high paying job at such an young age?

Someone help me and tell me what to write for my questions because idk and Im broke and I need food so you I really need help with how to do this stuff idk

Felicia’s Avatar
Felicia Jul 11 88 views

How should I start college?

"To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you too may one day be president of the United States." – George W. Bush

Bekka’s Avatar
Bekka Jun 25 117 views

What should I do after I’m done with high school ?

I’m interested in learning about the medical field or welding.

brinson’s Avatar
brinson Jun 16 119 views

How should I differentiate myself from other students to arouse colleges' interest in me?

How should I differentiate myself from other students to arouse colleges' interest in me? I swim year round, play varsity baseball and basketball, and have a 4.0 but i have no interest on NCSA.

Dallas’s Avatar
Dallas Jun 13 92 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the carpentry field?

asking for an assignment at SJ Job corps

Douglas’s Avatar
Douglas May 11 123 views

What should I do in college that many don't?

I am planning going to college but I need more knowledge

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 05 85 views

Where can I find study guides to help my personal expanse of classical literature before I start Lit classes in college?

I hope for maybe a free online site or a good recommended bookstore

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 15 162 views

How do I mentally prepare for the classes in college?

mostly the generalized classes first.

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 30 210 views

What would you say your biggest strength is that has helped you develop your career as an information security analyst?

I understand that complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills are pretty much essential when it comes to any IT field. Are their any skills that I may not have considered or that you think are underappreciated in your field? What would you consider your top 3 skills of this trade?

Nathaly’s Avatar
Nathaly Oct 12, 2022 214 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the dentistry field?

I want to start preparing as much as I can for my future career. I hope to get some information to be well educated in the dentistry industry.

Pablo Edrei’s Avatar
Pablo Edrei Sep 26, 2022 192 views

How can I become omniscient?

How can I become omniscient?

Casandra’s Avatar
Casandra Sep 22, 2022 506 views

what skills for medical assisting do you have that accomplished you for this capacity?

I can use all the tips and advice

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 245 views

How do events affect the amount of pay(if they do so)?

If one week is less eventful than the other and less work needs to be done, does it affect the amount of pay an investigator receives?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 254 views

How does the amount of education effect your position as a criminal investigator?

The educational requirement to be an investigator is simply having a GED or a high school diploma. Is there any other education that may be needed? Any certifications?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 278 views

What does a typical day as a criminal investigator consist of?

I realize that being a criminal investigator isn't exactly how it's show on the media, so what is it really like?

nyliyah’s Avatar
nyliyah Jun 15, 2022 411 views

how to become a detective ?

how to become a detective , like someone who figure things out

Darnell’s Avatar
Darnell Apr 19, 2022 393 views

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Culinary?

I would appreciate some tips from experienced cooks that would be useful in the field or good information to know.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 16, 2022 358 views

Where do I find internships or immersions?

Greetings! I am a Grade 12 student in the STEM fields. I want to start my journey by looking for free and virtual internships and Immersion in the STEM or ABM field to expand my knowledge and skillset in these industries. My school currently does not provide these opportunities. Any experience...

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 19, 2021 265 views

What can be done to improve your knowledge as a detective?

I want to be prepared with what I have to work on for myself?#knowledge

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 17, 2021 306 views

Can someone tells me the difference between a detective and a criminal investigator?

I want to know the different requirements of both of these career choices. Is the requirements the same or different? #Knowledge #career-guidance

Andre’s Avatar
Andre May 10, 2021 340 views

What is the most important thing coming out of highschool

I am a person that needs to be ready for anything #knowledge

Dariehl’s Avatar
Dariehl May 07, 2021 359 views

What are some things I can do to gain experience in the field of computer engineering?

#knowledge #field #business #gain experience in the work field of engineering

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 05, 2021 417 views

If I only want to become a detective, do I have to be a police officer first?

I was wondering do I have to become a police officers , then be promoted to become a detective. #curious #knowledge

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha Apr 29, 2021 333 views

What is the most stressing part about working in the criminal justice field?

Hello, My name is Lakiriaha Louis Soon, I'm about to graduate high school, and I planned to continuing my education in college during this summer. My intended major I want to pursue is Criminal Justice. Honestly, I wanted to know what is the most stressful part about working in that field....

Waqas’s Avatar
Waqas Apr 04, 2021 476 views

can someone let me know being a leader how to resolve candidates Problem?

can someone let me know
Being a leader how to resolve candidates Problem? #knowledge #success #skills

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Mar 23, 2021 441 views

What are some underpopulated fields that pays a lot?( I know that I must pick a field that I love, but I don' there isn't something specific that I like.

#field #college #knowledge

Manasseh’s Avatar
Manasseh Mar 11, 2021 362 views

What careers can I get in the field of tologoy

#field #knowledge #dentistry

Christell’s Avatar
Christell Feb 26, 2021 317 views

best colleges in MA for nursing?

#experience #knowledge

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Nov 30, 2020 483 views

When it comes to the criminal justice field, what is the hardest part about staying mentally healthy.

#career #knowledge #experience #criminal-justice #child-psychology I am 16 and I am interested in going into the criminal justice field I was wondering if there were any major mental set backs in your career.