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Alejandro B. Aug 22, 2018 159 views

How do I decide which University is the best place for me to attend?

I am interested in the field of psychology and am struggling on making a decision on which college in Arizona has the best program for me. #knowledge...


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breanna P. Aug 19, 2018 151 views

What are the best majors for medical school in undergrad other than pre-med?

Specifically, I am interested in orthopedic surgery. #orthopedic#medicalschool#major #college...


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Taeja D. Aug 17, 2018 123 views

For Counseling Psychologists, what are some thing I need to know about this career?

#psychology #knowledge I am a current student at Woodstock Career Center, and I am wanting some advice for the career of Counseling...

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Camdyn S. Aug 03, 2018 182 views
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Anthony E. Jul 28, 2018 150 views

What do I need to know to succeed in the field of Economics?

I'm planning on majoring in Economics and I'm looking for advice on what I need to do to be successful. What topics should I focus on in college and what kind of job/internship positions should I apply for both during and after college? #knowledge #skills #career #job...


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Frances O. Jul 10, 2018 642 views

What is the hardest part about being a nurse?

There are many challenges that come with working in the medical field. I want to know what is the most difficult thing about being a nurse since I hope to become an RN. #medicine #nursing #knowledge...


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Braden W. Mar 04, 2018 260 views

How can I become a mature ideological individual who knows what it truly going on in politics today? #USA #Politics #RorD

I want to know what's truly going on in the world today. I would like to know more about American policies. I am ignorant to U.S. laws as well as loopholes. I wish to become a successful adult and educated citizen. #knowledge #is #power #taxbrackets...


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Jenero G. Jan 22, 2018 216 views

I've decided that I wanted to have a career in culinary arts, but where are good schools that have negotiable student fees?

I want to go to culinary school, but I don't know any culinary schools near my hometown of El Sobrante, CA that really cater/that my family can work around concerning fees, are there any schools like so? #culinaryschool #culinaryarts #gastronomy #connections #school #culinarycareer #future...

#knowledge #iwannabeachef #chef #food #iwannalearn

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Shonte D. Jan 21, 2018 306 views

WHat scholarships could I apply for to be able to attend the Study Abroad Program at my college?

Knowledge is power, and where best to learn about Historical monuments and their impact on the world that to see them in person. #paris #prague #history #knowledge #power...


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Joaquin P. May 18, 2016 557 views

What are some classes I should take in order to increase my knowledge in the law field?

I would like to know what classes I should take when becoming an attorney so that I know what skills I need to improve on. #classes #skills #knowledge #legal #law...


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Leslie L. Mar 22, 2017 467 views

What are some traits/characteristics that doctors must keep in order to work successfully?

I've been told that to become a medical doctor, you must have many good traits such as patience and dedication, which I do hold currently, but what are other crucial ones needed when working in this career field? #doctor #medicine #work-life-balance #knowledge #student-development #personality...


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Morgan T. Oct 20, 2016 3191 views

What can an English Major expect in a STEM career

I want to be an English Professor and I would like to know how STEM careers could help with that #english...


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Gloria S. Sep 24, 2016 632 views

What is the Outlook for mechanical engineering?

I want to know what is going on right now for mechanical engineering. What kind of projects are being worked on that can be essential for our world? I would like to know what there is that should be done. What can I do with knowledge of mechanical engineering? #career #mechanical-engineering...

#knowledge #news #projects #help #world

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Karen P. Aug 29, 2016 564 views

How can I expand my knowledge on colleges I will potentially be attending?

I am going into my junior year of high school, a big year for many students who are planning to attend college after graduating. I have to study for the SATs, take the SATs, start applying for scholarships and to colleges/universities. Before I start applying to colleges though, I would like to...

#knowledge #high-school #college #student #college-selection #research

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Karin N. Aug 19, 2016 368 views

How will I know what career choice is best for me and will be a choice that will make my parents proud of me?

My parents hold very high expectations of me and I'm afraid the choice I will make on a career will not be enough for them. I am also afraid that if I choose the career choice they want me to have, I will not be happy and live my life miserably, dreading waking up each day to attend my job....

#knowledge #experience #family-issues

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Michi D. Jul 11, 2016 371 views

Is it possible to have mutiple careers? Like for examole, some celebs would also be an actress/actor or in music industry.

My name is Michi. I'm a student in high school and these are questions are curious about. I've always been interested in a variety of careers and don't think I'd be able to do just one. #in...


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Leo A. Jun 22, 2016 386 views
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Clarreese G. May 27, 2016 449 views

If I wasn't able to get a work-study job in college, what would be a great alternative?

I'm headed to college this Fall of 2016 and I don't want to have to depend on my parents so much for money for things such as books and equipment. I think it's essential to try and figure this out now. #college #business #student-loans #knowledge...


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Jordan D. May 25, 2016 593 views

What technologies are required for architecture or interior design in this day and age?

Given my interest in architecture and becoming an architect, I want to learn how to become well-versed in the realm of the field. #technology #architecture #architect #interior-design #knowledge #interior...


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Joaquin P. May 18, 2016 600 views

What are some of the possible ways to gain experience to be an attorney?

I am on the road to being an attorney and want to know what is some way I can gain a competitive edge on other law students. #law #experience #attorney #knowledge #pre-law...


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Trevor G. May 15, 2016 318 views

What careers are available in mass communications and media study?

I am majoring in journalism but may need to focus on a broader field of study which is mass communications....


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Trevor G. May 15, 2016 591 views

What are some of the resources available to seek out jobs for college graduates in their chosen field of study?

My older brother graduated from college with honors and was unable to get a job in his field of study. Eventually, because of his perseverance of not giving up, he kept seeking out opportunities that he discovered and was able to secure a job with no assistance from outside resources....


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Brandon G. May 13, 2016 524 views

Is dentistry a good field of study

In my area there aren't a lot of dentist offices and jobs available for dentistry #general...


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Dartrell N. May 10, 2016 436 views

What type of things will be beneficial to me after college?

I am asking this because I am most likely to be wondrous about the benefits of me pursuing my college goals. #knowledge #iq...


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Clory B. Mar 02, 2016 557 views

What are the experiences that I will encounter as an anatomist?

I know that anatomy deals with learning about the body; I want to learn more about the human body as I get older. I am interested into learning the mysteries of the human body so that I can learn everything I can. In addition to learning about the human body, in anatomy individuals dissect...

#knowledge #anatomy #curiosity #love-of-science #experience

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Alexander B. Feb 14, 2016 928 views

What does the Dean at a school typically do?

What does the Dean at a school typically do? I would highly appreciate some feedback in terms of the job description of a Dean. Many thanks and have a great day. #education #school #children #knowledge...


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Brandon T. Mar 17, 2015 644 views

What does it take to be a pediatrician

I am really interested in animals and I was wondering what will it take to get to be a pedestrian since I watch a lot of animal planet and I study animals real closely and watch a lot of YouTube videos about ancient history of certain animals.I see animals a lot when I am walking home wandering...

#knowledge #fun #photography #videography #career

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Dajanae C. Feb 25, 2015 758 views

How do i know what career path is right for me?

I want to be a RN, but at first i wanted to be a pediatrician because i love working with kids. I also want to party plan , that's why i changed my job from a pediatrician to a RN because i think i could manage party planning an being RN. #nursing #pediatrician #knowledge...