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Career Questions tagged Psychiatry

Christopher G.’s Avatar
Christopher G. Jan 05 35 views

Can you be a psychiatrist with schizophrenia.

I have schizophrenia but it's controlled and i take medicine for it....


Dayna W.’s Avatar
Dayna W. Dec 16, 2021 92 views

What is the hardest part of being a Psychologist or Therapist? Why?

I am interested in being a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist, but I am not sure what the downfalls of this field are. I have struggled with mental health problems and want to be able to help other people. psychology therapy...


Jolee M.’s Avatar
Jolee M. Oct 19, 2021 79 views

What other benefits come with an advancement being a psychologist?

I am looking into getting a higher up degree in psychology. psychiatry psychologist...


Paula C.’s Avatar
Paula C. Sep 16, 2021 105 views

What is the life of a clinical psychologist? And why are you still a clinical psychologist?

I am interested in the psychology field and to become a clinical psychologist . I've always wondered what my life will be after pursuing my future career job as a clinical psychologist. clinical-psychology psychology psychologist...


Princess N.’s Avatar
Princess N. Aug 13, 2021 214 views

Best universities for Psychology student?

Where would you advise a psychology student to attend for their Master's in psychology? psychology master's program...


maxie F.’s Avatar
maxie F. Jul 01, 2021 155 views

What are My Goals for The Future

my dream career is to be a behavioral analyst and work for the FBI’s behavioral analysts unit as a profiler psychology career-paths psychiatry period...


Marc R.’s Avatar
Marc R. Jun 17, 2021 169 views

Should I work in psychology

I’m a extremely social person interested in psychology psychology...


Nicol C.’s Avatar
Nicol C. Feb 18, 2021 278 views

Can I take pre-req courses for psychiatry in community college, after I graduated with a psychology degree?

I will be graduating this year in June with a concentration in Psychology. However, I will be taking a gap year and build my resume. I would like to go to medical school to study psychiatry but I am well aware that I have not taken any science/math courses expect Pre-Cal and Stats. psychiatry...


Samyukta S.’s Avatar
Samyukta S. Jun 27, 2020 5391 views

What's the exact difference between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist?

I know the gist of the differences between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist...but it would really help to know the exact differences {including average salary differences} between these three branches. psychiatry psychology counseling neuroscience medical doctor...


Charlotte Y.’s Avatar
Charlotte Y. May 31, 2020 307 views

What does a psychologist do?

I going to be a junior in high school next year, and i a m planning on going into the medical field. I am interested in psychology, however I do not know too much about what exactly they do on a day to day basis, patients they deal with, etc. psychology medicine medical medicine doctor...


Nicholas F.’s Avatar
Nicholas F. May 08, 2020 339 views

Should I get a premed degree to do psychiatry?

I am one year away from completing my bachelor's degree in psychology. I originally wanted to do child psychology for a place like Kaiser. However, lately I've been thinking about doing child psychiatry instead. I've been doing some research and see that instead of applying for a master's...

doctor premed medschool college medicine psychology psychiatry

Thomas L.’s Avatar
Thomas L. Feb 28, 2020 363 views

Psychiatrists out there, do you carry any baggage from your clients? if so how do you cope with it?

Hi! I'm Thomas, I'm interested in psychiatry and human psychology, and I would like to know more about how people in the psychology professions think about their work. psychology psychiatry clinical-psychology...