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Career Questions tagged Qualifications

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Jun 17, 2019 331 views

What classes should one expect to take in college to be the most qualified as a Solar Systems Engineer?

#Solar #Engineer #Qualifications #Classes

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Apr 12, 2018 463 views

Do Jobs look at GED and High school Diplomas diffrent

In Applications i have seen then Option GED if you have an GED Will employers look at it different? #Jobs #ged #high-school #diploma #qualifications

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie Apr 09, 2018 385 views

What do you have to learn to be a home health aide?

I want to know everything I am gonna have to about helping elders, kids, and even middle age. I want to know the things I will have to learn so I can be prepared.
#medicine #health-aide #qualifications

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Jan 24, 2018 468 views

What are some of the best and worst things that you experience as a physical therapist?

I'm not sure how intense a job as a physical therapist is and would love to get some first hand accounts to help me figure out if this could be the right career for me! #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #qualifications

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 19, 2016 777 views

How useful is the International Baccalaureate?

I will be receiving my IB diploma in July and I worked very hard for it. As I was applying for colleges I wondered, how useful is it? Since it is a rigorous program and not many students take the IB, does it give me any benefits or advantages in comparison to an average student? #college...