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How useful is the International Baccalaureate?

I will be receiving my IB diploma in July and I worked very hard for it. As I was applying for colleges I wondered, how useful is it? Since it is a rigorous program and not many students take the IB, does it give me any benefits or advantages in comparison to an average student?
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Alfredo’s Answer

Hi Angela,

You're right in saying that the IB program is very rigorous and it sounds like you worked hard to obtain it. Those long hours you spent studying for the IB exams will be worth your while once you start college or any future pursuits. While the benefits may not seem immediately obvious the IB made you focus, manage your time effectively, be persistent, and sacrifice things for a better future. These are essential skills to have if you want to be successful in whatever you want to do later on in life. Additionally, the IB goes in depth in the subjects you studied while other programs may cover more subjects to a lesser extent. This will be very helpful later on because you will have a better understanding of those subjects and will give you a clearer view of which ones interest you the most. Once you have received your grades you should be able to receive credits in university for any good grades you get and will be able to skip any introductory classes.

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