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Jaidyn’s Avatar
Jaidyn Aug 31, 2017 1135 views

Is it ok to not be certain on the major you want to study for in college?

I have multiple majors that I am interested in but I do not know which one is the right option for me. #decidingmajor #undecided #career-counseling #college-major

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 19, 2016 998 views

How useful is the International Baccalaureate?

I will be receiving my IB diploma in July and I worked very hard for it. As I was applying for colleges I wondered, how useful is it? Since it is a rigorous program and not many students take the IB, does it give me any benefits or advantages in comparison to an average student? #college...

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Sep 28, 2017 946 views

When I attend college in the fall, I would like to study medicine. So as a Freshman, would it be best to major in Pre-Medicine, Biology, or Chemistry?

I am asking because I don't want to enter college unsure of what I genuinely will like to do for the rest of the school year. #college-choice #pre-med #college #doctor #biology #chemistry

Cierra’s Avatar
Cierra Sep 28, 2017 725 views

I like to be a small business owner on the side. As far as education wise, how should I go about accomplishing that?

I want to become an optometrist, yet I would also like to become a small business owner. How would I go about accomplishing that, education wise? #optometry #smallbusiness #college

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 12, 2016 787 views

Is being a college athlete difficult with the workload?

I'm not exactly sure if I want to play sports along with a heavy workload, but I will consider it. #college #athlete