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Career Questions tagged Decidingmajor

Gladys’s Avatar
Gladys Jul 26, 2019 399 views

What major would benefit me more for a career in Physical Therapy for veterans and soldiers, Kinesiology or Neuroscience?

#physicaltherapy #decidingmajor #kinesiology #neuroscience #physical-therapy #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 01, 2017 841 views

How do you know that the career path you are going down is the right one for you?

I have been undecided on my major for a year and I worry about choosing the right one for me. It feels like a lot of pressure to choose a career path that I will stay on for the rest of my professional career when I am only 19 years old. How will I know when I have chosen the right...

Jaidyn’s Avatar
Jaidyn Aug 31, 2017 849 views

Is it ok to not be certain on the major you want to study for in college?

I have multiple majors that I am interested in but I do not know which one is the right option for me. #decidingmajor #undecided #career-counseling #college-major