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Career Questions tagged Physical Therapy

Sandra A.’s Avatar
Sandra A. Apr 08 81 views

What made you want to become a Physical Therapist?

I am considering studying Physical Therapy and want to know more about it.

Sandra A.’s Avatar
Sandra A. Apr 08 105 views

What is the hardest part about being a physical therapist?

I am looking into studying physical therapy and I want to know more about it.

Noel D.’s Avatar
Noel D. Mar 28 71 views

What is the differences between being a pharmacy technician and physical therapy

I have been debating what I should do after I do job corps and I have been thinking about starting working at the pharmacy area at one of the retail stores or should I go to college to be a physical therapist for four years or so to get a degree for be a physical therapist ?

Sophia V.’s Avatar
Sophia V. Feb 25 136 views

How can I gain experience towards becoming a physical therapist?

I want to be prepared for physical therapy. I have a pretty good idea on what it all entails, but I think some experience would do me good. I would be interested in shadowing someone or even just getting in contact with one, but I don't know how. #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #medicine

Sophia V.’s Avatar
Sophia V. Feb 25 121 views

What specific classes or credits do I need to complete in order to become a physical therapist?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school and I am really interested in physical therapy. At first I was looking into athletic training but I wanted to set a higher goal for myself, such as becoming a physical therapist. I am a very active teen and I love staying healthy. I think job would be a very...

Shi H.’s Avatar
Shi H. Nov 30, 2021 168 views

How many hours do Physical Therapists usually work on a weekly basis? Is there any overtime?

I am in my senior year of high school and I am interested in applying for PT school. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical

Darren L.’s Avatar
Darren L. Nov 08, 2021 177 views

What does a physical therapist do?

Physical therapy is one of the career paths I'm interested in. But I want to learn more about what they do. What are their daily tasks, what types of patients do they see, and how is the workload? Do you find yourself happy with your job? I also want to learn how to become a physical...

Shi H.’s Avatar
Shi H. Nov 03, 2021 140 views

What is the working environment of a physical therapist?

I am a senior in high school and am interested in this particular branch of medical science. #physical-therapy #medicine #therapy #physical-therapist #occupational-therapy

Darren L.’s Avatar
Darren L. Nov 02, 2021 280 views

Is Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Medicine worth the time and money?

From what I've learned, both physical therapy and chiropractic medicine require years of school. Tuition is pricey and school takes up a lot of your time. Is it really worth all that effort to become a PT or a DC? #medicine #physical-therapist #medical-education #physical-therapy #doctor...

Shi H.’s Avatar
Shi H. Nov 02, 2021 198 views

How many years of college education--or higher--is needed to to become a physical therapist?

I am a senior in high school and I am interesting in majoring in kinesiology. #physical-therapy #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #college #psychology #medicine

Isaac B.’s Avatar
Isaac B. Aug 31, 2021 187 views

What is the job outlook for physical or occupational therapy assistants.

Are there a lot of jobs available in the united states and is the career expected to grow in the next 10 years. #physical-therapy #medicine #therapy #physical-therapist

Isaac B.’s Avatar
Isaac B. Aug 31, 2021 770 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy

I am a 21 year old male with a degree in Laboratory Science looking into switching career paths into physical or occupational therapy
#occupational-therapy #physical-therapy #medicine

Aaron M.’s Avatar
Aaron M. Aug 16, 2021 184 views

What does it take to become a Physical Therapists?

I plan on studying Computer Network/Cisco , but Physical Therapists is my second option. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy

Da'Nita G.’s Avatar
Da'Nita G. Jul 06, 2021 248 views

Is this realistic?

I want to make a business. I want to work with children, teens and animals. It will be like a mental and physical therapy. The children will get help with life. Like emotional, mental, physical support or with life, school and family. The animals will be rescued and fixed up. The children and...

JESUS P.’s Avatar
JESUS P. Jun 25, 2021 137 views

RE: "The Ongoing Desire to Create" from Finding Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Cogdon

How to feel inspired more consistently when feeling anxious. #physical-therapy

Jay E.’s Avatar
Jay E. Jun 14, 2021 229 views

MPH or MSOT? I have been struggling with deciding if I should pursue a MPH or a masters of science in Occupational Therapy?

I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to choose a career and one that pays well. I was leaning towards a MPH however Occupational Therapy has been in my head lately also because I feel as I am going to be " licensed" or " qualified" and I will always find a job easily, compared to a...

Anonymous A.’s Avatar
Anonymous A. Jun 11, 2021 239 views

Is there any Physical Therapy Technician internships? I'm h aving trouble finding them.

I have my PTT certification a.k.a Physical Therapy Aide, but I'm having trouble finding an internship or even a job in Arizona. #internship #physical #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #career

Hannah F.’s Avatar
Hannah F. Jun 08, 2021 153 views

What is the best/most common major that students go into when they go to college when they want to be a physical therapist?

I was thinking about majoring in kinesiology in college. honestly unsure about what school at the moment. have been looking into umass amherst's kinesiology program. I want to get the best education in undergrad before going into a strict physical therapy track. #physical-therapy #major...

Christian G.’s Avatar
Christian G. May 26, 2021 205 views

What do therapists do?

I have a family member who introduced #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapists me and made me interested in being a therapist but I want to know what exactly do therapists do because he was talking about a very specific kind of therapist and I got confused?

Kimbriel D.’s Avatar
Kimbriel D. May 19, 2021 232 views

What are good stretches for the back ?

The littlest thing can hurt my back ! # #physical-therapy

Resham K.’s Avatar
Resham K. Feb 24, 2021 236 views

Do you need experience in physical therapy?

I'm a non-experience student. still doing my last year of physical therapy due to covid19. I'm also weak in practice. it will be a pleasure if you help me with your assistance. #physical-therapy