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Career Questions tagged Health Wellness And Fitness

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 06 182 views

What are jobs that require a lot of movement?

I do not want to have a job that makes me sit behind a computer at a desk all day.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 29 133 views

Is a Fitness Coordinator basically a Physical Therapy equivalent without a Doctorate Degree?

I have been sold on Physical Therapy for a while now, but recently I have begun struggling with the idea of going to Medical School and all of the debt and excessive studying that entails. I took a career quiz and it recommended Fitness Coordinator rather than Physical Therapy. I love studying...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Feb 13 220 views

How to begin a career as a nutrition coach?

I am a little nervous to dive right into the nutrition business and work with clients on my own. I feel that i should work for someone else first.