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Career Questions tagged Nutrition

Mercedes K.’s Avatar
Mercedes K. Mercedes K. Jun 16 76 views

What are some suggested careers for someone who is interested in traveling, writing, and nutrition? (Not my only interests but just a few)

I am attending community college right now as a liberal arts major (I am currently in my second year but I have to obtain all of the required classes, credits, and I want to raise my GPA). #college #career #college-major #writer #writing #nutrition #travel...


Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Ray K. May 13 104 views

How can I combine my interests in psychology and nutrition?

What jobs are available to me? I am majoring in psychology for my BS and my college does not offer nutrition but they do have biology, biochemistry, exercise science, and health science. What should I do? Do I need grad school? #psychology...


Catarina L.’s Avatar
Catarina L. Catarina L. Nov 18, 2020 216 views

Pharmacist looking for career options in Nutrition

I did a masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences but always had particular interest in Nutrition research. I enrolled in my degree thinking it would make it possible for me to work in Nutrition, but most of the jobs available are only in community pharmacy. Is there any course or degree that I can do...

#science #research #nutrition #pharmacist

Linguere J.’s Avatar
Linguere J. Linguere J. Jun 25, 2020 353 views

Hi i al interested in three domains psychology (+++++) nutrition (+++) and management (++++)

#clinical-psychology i was thinking about majoring in management and minor in psy or nutrition or majoring in nutrition and minoring in psy And i was thinking if you could pleuhelp me decide which on is more “doable” in terms of time..... money...... concentration.... #management #psychology...

#college-major #nutrition

Salma L.’s Avatar
Salma L. Salma L. Mar 03, 2020 239 views

How can I determine the best major and career path for me that will be beneficial in my future and my family?

Hello! I'm not sure how much information you'd like, so I'll start with some basics. I go to a Christian school as a 10th grader and play travel and school softball as my sport. I love to learn about how to stay healthy and improve the health of mine and others. I am disciplined, independent,...

#career #nutritonalscience #college #college-major #nutrition

Rimsha B.’s Avatar
Rimsha B. Rimsha B. Oct 17, 2019 215 views

What should i choose between nutrition and psychology?

I feel like psychology is an easy subject but on the other hand i am intrested in nutrition as well. I want a complete guide that which majors should i choose. #college-major #psychology #career...


William H.’s Avatar
William H. William H. Jul 19, 2018 326 views

What was a typical meal for a medical student during the four years of training?

Medical school is already stressful enough to maintain sanity. Add on top of that with the hassles of eating, how did you prepare meals that were healthy enough for you to maintain your health during those stressful years? Also, what did you eat during those years? #health #student #social...

#school #med-school #nutrition #medicine #healthcare #doctor #hospital-and-healthcare

Dinah B.’s Avatar
Dinah B. Dinah B. Nov 14, 2018 401 views

How do you become a nutritionist? What do they do in a day? What are some ways I can prepare and what classes should I take in college?

I am interested in becoming a doctor but I do not feel like I could be a physician. I think a nutritionist is the right career for me but I want to know what their job is like. #medicine #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #nutrition #dietician #food...


K O.’s Avatar
K O. K O. Sep 11, 2018 658 views

Double Major in Psychology & Nutrition?

So, I’m a senior in college & I’m now questioning all of my life decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE psychology. But I’m just now realizing throughout the years I’ve always had such a strong passion for nutrition & I don’t know what to do. My original plan was to go to grad school...

#nutritionist #psychology #psychologynutrition #nutrition #career #doublemajor #confused #college-major

Katya R.’s Avatar
Katya R. Katya R. Aug 31, 2018 338 views

Which school has the best Dietetics program?

I am interested in dietetics and would like to know which school would help me the most. #nutrition...


Samantha R.’s Avatar
Samantha R. Samantha R. Aug 14, 2018 326 views

Feeling indecisive-how'd you decide on your major?

I'm basically torn between graphic design, culinary arts and nutrition. My college doesn't offer minors. Since I took graphic design at vocational school and liked it pretty well, I'm thinking about continuing and learning more. But realistically, I don't do as much drawing as I used to,...

#culinaryarts #graphic-design #majors #school #college #major #nutrition

William H.’s Avatar
William H. William H. Aug 05, 2018 354 views

What other jobs can you do with a medical doctorate degree?

I do plan on practicing medicine, but I want to know what other options are at my disposal in case that I do not want to do so anymore. #medicine #nutrition #wellbeing #opportunities...


Barret B.’s Avatar
Barret B. Barret B. Jan 22, 2018 526 views

Wondering whether or not to get certified.

I'm currently getting a master's in counseling. During my time getting my master's, health has become more important to me and has allowed me to lose a good deal of weight. I still wish to participate in my master's program, but I would also like to get certified in nutrition. I want to be able...

#counseling #niche #masters #nutrition

Vanessa O.’s Avatar
Vanessa O. Vanessa O. Jul 27, 2018 301 views

How much flexibility would I have as a dietitian?

I got my first bachelor's degree with a pre-med intent. After research and soul-searching, however, I decided that a doctor was not the occupation for me. I learned that many of them take few, if any, nutrition courses. It seems as if many medical schools in the US train people to write...

#holistic #nutrition #wellness #dietitian

Anna H.’s Avatar
Anna H. Anna H. Jul 06, 2018 259 views

Majors as pre-med?

So I'm going to be a freshman in college this upcoming year, and I am majoring in dietetics. I am really interested in health and medicine especially when it is food related. I love the idea of being a dietitian, but I don't think that it will be challenging enough for me to be happy. I...

#science #medicine #doctor #health #nutrition

Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Shayna S. Jun 10, 2018 430 views

To be a Dietician, what certificates or degrees do you need?

I am interested the the field of pharmacy and lifestyle management/ nutrition. I want to combine pharmacy with nutrition in my future career. I am graduating undergraduate early so technically I will not have a major. I could get a healthy lifestyle management minor in undergraduate or look at...

#dietician #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #healthcare #pharmacist #major #minor #management #registereddietician #pharmacy #creighton #nutrition #healthy #earlyassurance #foodscience #healthadvocate #certificate

Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Shayna S. Jun 10, 2018 738 views

Is there an area of pharmacy where you help people decrease or stop taking prescriptions by making lifestyle changes?

I am a HUGE advocate for individual healthy lifestyle management rather than fixing problems with a #pill. My #dream is to help people become their own health advocates. I want to teach people lifestyle modifications including #nutrition, #physical activity, and managing medications. I believe...

#management #publichealth #health #pharmacy #rx #medicine #lifestyle #healthadvocate #pharmacist #society #medication #prescriptions #medications

William H.’s Avatar
William H. William H. May 10, 2018 321 views

Any good jobs to do while doing a master's in nutrition?

Master's program are more expensive than undergraduate programs. And loan repayment can be annoying. What kind of job or internship would you recommend doing (if possible) while studying nutritional science for a master's degree? Also, how did you stay frugal during those times? #nutrition...

#student-debt #finance #clinical-nutrition

Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Shayna S. May 05, 2018 2150 views

Is there a possibility for a pharmacist to specialize in nutrition or become an Registered Dietitian?

My goal is to become a #pharmacist that specializes in #healthy #lifestyle management , which would encompass managing a person's #medications along with their lifestyle and #nutritional needs. I believe that lifestyle changes can reduce and even prevent risk of diseases or health issues before...

#pharmacy #dietician #medicine #nutrition

Christian H.’s Avatar
Christian H. Christian H. Jan 16, 2018 291 views

Which American universities focus on nutrition in relation to neurobiology?

I am a senior high school student with a several year experience in ecological theory and ecological agriculture. My work has lead me to study how food impacts brain health and development. I already have several mentors, including a neurobiologist, and am looking for more perspectives. I have...

#medicine #biology #research #college #ecology #nutrition #neurobiology

Savannah S.’s Avatar
Savannah S. Savannah S. Apr 18, 2018 374 views

What can I do in order to prepare myself to be most successful in pursuing an Kinesiology degree?

I have a passion for fitness, science, and nutrition, which makes a Kinesiology degree prefect for me. However, I wish to begin my college career as prepared as possible, and I am curious as to what steps I need to take to be on the correct path to the degree of my dreams. #fitness...

#doctorate-degree #science #kinesiology #nutrition

William H.’s Avatar
William H. William H. Mar 15, 2018 353 views

What is the daily life for nutritionists (inside and outside hospital settings)?

I am interested in nutrition and want to do some work in this field that does not involve just hospital work. Positions can be like manufacturing, handling, dietitian, research, supplements, etc. #nutrition #clinical-nutrition #medical-nutrition-therapy...


kaneez F.’s Avatar
kaneez F. kaneez F. May 06, 2016 552 views
Rebecca V.’s Avatar
Rebecca V. Rebecca V. May 06, 2016 599 views

Is a nutritional sciences major in college a strong academic program to be considered for admission into naturopathic medical school?

I plan to complete a nutritional sciences major in college to prepare for naturopathic medical school as I understand that clinical nutrition is one of the key therapies used by Naturopathic Doctors. #medicine #healthcare #nutrition #alternative-medicine #nutrition #science...


Alexis M.’s Avatar
Alexis M. Alexis M. Oct 24, 2016 611 views

I have worked with horses for 10 years now and I really want to pursue a career involving horses. What would be the best job (best salary, best job outlook, etc) in the horse field?

Like I said, I have been working with horse for about ten years now. I have always taken a special interest in all animals, but horses hold a special place in my heart. I am in high school currently and I am looking at my future career options. I want to do the best of the best jobs with...

#equine #career-details #genetics #horses #veterinary #financial-planning #nutrition

Meghan  M.’s Avatar
Meghan M. Meghan M. May 12, 2016 570 views

How much is a nutritionist salary?

I am interested in healthy living and nutrition and I was wondering how much nutritionist make because I might consider it as a career choice #nutrition...


Jonathan F.’s Avatar
Jonathan F. Jonathan F. Nov 10, 2016 556 views

Matching Nutrition and Psychology

I grew up in a little village called Alhuemilla, Chile. Growing up we almost never went to the store to buy food because we grew our own. Fruits and vegetables was always part of our diet. Because of this life style we never got sick from anything.I never went to a hospital. Coming to America I...

#neuroscience #medical-nutrition-therapy #nutrition #psychotherapy

Dominique O.’s Avatar
Dominique O. Dominique O. Oct 30, 2016 629 views

Could I switch between two professions/jobs?

I was thinking of double majoring in nutrition and music, because I love both subjects so much and want to have both in my life. Would it be possible to switch between the two if one career path does not work out? I want to audition for a music company and be a trainee, but that would require a...

#career-path #nutrition #double-major #career-choice #career-change #career #music #music-industry

Dominique O.’s Avatar
Dominique O. Dominique O. Oct 30, 2016 666 views

What would be the daily life of a vegan registered dietitian?

I want to become a registered dietitian when I finish college but my diet is different from the majority of the population: I am a vegan. Would I have to conform to give advice and counseling to clients who follow the standard american diet? Or could I give them advice based on studies that...

#science #career #food #jobs #career-development #nutrition #job-search