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Where all can you work with a masters in dietetics?

I am a senior at Grundy Center, I enjoy being active and working out. I have a big passion for these things and think a career in dietetics would be suiting. I plan on going to Iowa State and get my masters in this field. nutrition dietitian

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1 answer

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Stephanie’s Answer

Since you mentioned your love of working out and being active, the obvious professions for you would be: personal trainer or licensed dietitian- in those roles you are coaching and educating individuals, which can be very rewarding/fulfilling. Neither of those roles requires you to have a Master’s degree, so having that as a credential could allow you to command a larger salary.

On the less conventional side, a Master’s Degree in Dietetics could provide lead to several other career options:
-Director of Nutrition Services for a hospital
-On-site Nutrition Counselor for employees of large corporations/tech companies
-Nutrition sales for infant formula companies
-Director of Nutrition for large school systems
-Lobbyist for the American Dietetic Association