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Amy L. May 04 104 views

Preparing for grad school in Epidemiology

I am a second-year college student interested in getting a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Is this a good field to go into? What should I do in college to prepare for grad school in epidemiology--should I take graduate-level classes if they are available to undergrads at my school? Is doing an honors...

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Grace C. Apr 10 77 views

What does a typical day in the life of an epidemiologist look like?

I’m a high school junior considering a career as an epidemiologist. I’ve looked on many websites trying to see how one might spend their typical workday but have gotten mixed responses (spending the day doing math/statistics, field work, lab tests, etc.) . I’m curious to know my potential work...

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Shayna S. Jun 10, 2018 521 views

Is there an area of pharmacy where you help people decrease or stop taking prescriptions by making lifestyle changes?

I am a HUGE advocate for individual healthy lifestyle management rather than fixing problems with a #pill. My #dream is to help people become their own health advocates. I want to teach people lifestyle modifications including #nutrition, #physical activity, and managing medications. I believe...

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Joanne L. May 19, 2018 296 views

What are the things you can do with a public health major?

Are there any jobs that you can obtain after 4 years of undergraduate of public health, or will I have to go to school for a longer time. #publichealth #collegelife #college #degree...


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Rebecca C. Mar 13, 2018 180 views

Is it better to be a part of Doctors without Borders early or later in my career?

I am an aspiring surgeon and I absolutely love to help others. However, I understand college can be expensive and that it will take me a few years to grow accustumed to the job. So, is it better for me to wait and settle into the pace of hospitals here or to go and gain experience before I...

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Van B. Jan 16, 2018 226 views

What career options/examples are there for someone pursuing Public Health Policy as a major?

I feel like my field is very vague and broad so I want to ground myself in a better understanding of what I can do in my field....


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Cecilia P. Oct 25, 2017 912 views

Are unpaid internships worth it?

I'm currently a full time student working at a part time job. I'm currently looking for an internship to work in the public health field, but I noticed that most of them are unpaid and demand a significant amount of dedication. I understand that internships are extremely important for career...

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