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Career Questions tagged Career Paths

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Bryse G. Bryse G. 5 hours ago 4 views
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maxie F. maxie F. Jul 01 50 views

What are My Goals for The Future

my dream career is to be a behavioral analyst and work for the FBI’s behavioral analysts unit as a profiler #psychology #career-paths #psychiatry #period...


Sierra S.’s Avatar
Sierra S. Sierra S. Jun 30 61 views

What careers involve science and history?

I'm in high school and I like science and history. I don't really know what career I want to pursue but I am open to everything and I want to learn more about different careers. #career-path #career-choice #career-paths...


Nyasia S.’s Avatar
Nyasia S. Nyasia S. Jun 01 99 views

How did lawyers know they actually wanted to be lawyers and I’d taking the right carrier path.

I’m dedicated and really want to be a lawyer but I also want to know how lawyers knew they was going down the right career path and if this is my right career path. #career-paths #lawyer...


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Alisen N. Alisen N. May 25 94 views

what's the most interesting part about your job? do you recomemnd this career path(forensic psychiatry)?

long answers would be greatly appreciated! i'm a rising sophomore with an interest in forensic psychiatry. these questions are for a career blog assignment in my avid class....


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Elias B. Elias B. May 19 58 views

Which is best known career path to pursue in from the navy?

I plan on joining the navy but I am still over thinking on what job to take in during the navy and which one I want to stick to. #career-paths...


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Chris Q. Chris Q. Apr 22 142 views

What should you do first while attending college for your career path?

After graduating high school, I'm going to City College as a good start for my career. But what should do first when you get to #career college?...


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Jacob H. Jacob H. Apr 22 83 views

How much does designing things for business's make?

I want to make money by designing logos or other things for business's to make money but I want to know how much it will make. #money #income #...


Alondra A.’s Avatar
Alondra A. Alondra A. Apr 16 152 views

When do you know when a career path is right for you?

I am a junior in high school. I'm interested in maybe teaching or the medical field but I am not exactly sure what I want to do. #career-paths...


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Jada W. Jada W. Apr 14 117 views

What steps should I take for choosing the best college for the career I want to go into?

I'm a junior, and I want to get a job in the animation industry. I recently moved from San Francisco to the Mississippi, and I'm struggling to find a school that would have a major that lines up with my career paths. #career-paths #college...


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Jileddys B. Jileddys B. Feb 26 188 views

what are the negative and positives of social worker ?

i would like to work with children, i'm just not sure if this is the career path i want to go to without all the information i need to know #career-paths #career-path #social-work #counseling #education #children #child...


Juliana P.’s Avatar
Juliana P. Juliana P. Feb 26 174 views

How did you decide your career path/ was there any specific moment where you realized what you´re passionate about and wanted to pursue?

Im a junior in high school and I don´t really have a set idea on what career path I want to take. I am passionate about different things but I dont know exactly what I would like to pursue, and I´m wondering how I can get to the place to make that decision. #career-paths #career-path...


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jennifer G. jennifer G. Feb 26 113 views

What exactly should you do at 15 to give you a good start for college?

I'm not exactly sure about what I want to do but all I know is that I want to be rich and successful and to be known. #buisness #wealthy #rich #independant #financially stable #marketing #career-paths...


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Wattah T. Wattah T. Feb 25 133 views

How do I know what job is best for me?

I am a junior in high school who is working hard to find a career in the future that I am satisfied with. I'm interested in becoming a pre-school teacher or a healthcare worker. #career-paths #careers #teacher...


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Juliana P. Juliana P. Feb 24 104 views

How do I get a better idea of what I want to study in college/ what I want to do for a career?

Im a junior in high school, getting ready to look for different colleges/my major, but I am not sure about what I want to study yet or what I really want to do. #career-paths #majors...


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Josh B. Josh B. Feb 11 147 views

What's the best path for Diversity and Inclusion? Marketing?

I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community. Person of Color. People intent. Community based. I want to advocate for more accessible learning and career paths for low-income students. As well as leading companies into taking more action in their social responsibilities. #career-paths #experience...


Abigail S.’s Avatar
Abigail S. Abigail S. Jan 27 198 views

what career path would suit me

i reallly like to teach people things but i also like to help animals and people but i can't choose a career path. #career-paths #career-path...

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amber W. amber W. Jan 22 90 views

how do you know which path to go to pursue your career?

i have been wanting to work in the medical field as an anesthesiologist or an CRNA. i am not really sure what direction to start off at. i want some experience while im in high school so i would be familiar with it in college. i have been trying to get into healthcare and phlebotomy but i got...


Allison M.’s Avatar
Allison M. Allison M. Jan 22 173 views

I am in 10th grade and I have a few career ideas, but I am not sure how to narrow down my options.

At school my favorite subject is science and I enjoy doing more hands-on work because it is more interesting in my opinion. My hobbies include doing my skincare, walking my dogs, and baking. A topic that I am passionate about is anything to do with taking care of my hair and skin. What is some...

#career #career-paths #careers #healthcare

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Faraz S. Faraz S. Jan 15 214 views

After completing my Law graduation, What are my future career options with high potential yields ?

I recently got my graduation degree from my college on completing 5 Year Law course and I am currently pursuing Law Masters Degree with Business Law as my specialization. I have numerous internship experiences including District court, High court, and Canara HSBC Headquarters Gurgaon. I have...

#help #law #guidance #advice #career #counselling #career-paths #law-enforcement