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William B. Sep 16 50 views

What is the best thing to do if i have no interest in college?

I have no interest in going to college. What would be the best non college career path to take. #career-paths #career-path...


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Najae M. Sep 05 178 views

What should I do to take that next step now that were in a pandemic?

I'm currently in 11th grade, and as of right now, I'm a little lost on the next steps I should take that would be beneficial to my career in the future. I want to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or a Nicu nurse. #nurse #health #career...


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Rashida A. Aug 07 123 views

How do I start ? what necessary actions should I do ?

🧿 Hello I’m a second year student in law school and I’m willing to somewhat obtain a mentor on my career path. I would like to expand in my designated career choice as mentioned before but I seem to be at a crossroads with what how to start , who to reach out to , how to climb more upwards in...

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Nikeia S. Aug 08 118 views

Nursing vs. Medical Laboratory Scientist

I have a BS in Biology and I’m looking to further my education. I’m currently in nursing school but I also have an interest in a career in laboratory science. What’s some advice for careers in nursing/medical laboratory science, and how do I know which career is for me? #career-counseling...

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Tomi A. Aug 03 147 views

How do I continue my career path?

I'm wondering on how to continue my career path because I've already started planning out what I wanted to do when I got older. I already know what major I want to study (Computer Engineering) and what interests me such as robotics, coding, and apps. But what I don't know is where that will...

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Grace T. Jul 29 126 views

What type of Engineering makes the most money?

I am a rising senior and I want to go into engineering and I am a machinist at my school for my shop. #money #career-paths #engineering...


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Racheal L. Jul 21 143 views

How do I prepare myself for the job searching world after college while in college?

From what I understand, job searching is hard, time consuming, and takes a lot of emotional patience. Finding a job, applying to the job, waiting for an interview, having the interview, waiting for a response, getting the response, (if accepted) waiting till you start, (if rejected) restarting...

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Racheal L. Jul 21 134 views

How do I find the right career to aspire to?

Hello, I'm currently a Communication major, minoring in psychology. I don't know what what my career goal is at the moment. I'm really open with the options people have recommended for me but I don't know what would be the right fit for me. I can see myself in in many different job positions so...

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Racheal L. Jul 21 203 views

How do I know I have found the right career?

When I ask people how they knew that their current career was the right one for them they usually answer with "you just know" or "I'm happy" or "it just feel right". In a general sense I understand that but since I have not experienced it I am questioning if the vagueness of *just knowing*....

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Lillian L. Nov 14, 2019 124 views

What are the education requirements to become an occupational therapist?

I am interested in this career but don't fully understand the path I would need to take to get there. #occupational-therapy #career #career-paths...


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kevin M. Nov 12, 2019 107 views

What are some good career sources?

Just interested in gaining as much info. as I can about different careers....


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Victor G. Sep 10, 2019 126 views

What path should I take to being my career journey in VR/AR?

I want to know which IT certificates best help a career in VR/AR. I currently have my ITF+ certificate. I would like to know which I should pursue next if any. I would also like to know which certificate in the fields of VR/AR that I should pursue. #career...


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Alan D. Sep 05, 2019 152 views

What are the good and bad stuff for the Automotive career?

Hello my name is Alan and I'm interested in the Auto-Tech career. I would like to know what are the benefits and the disadvantages. #career-choice #career-paths...


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Yejee S. Sep 05, 2019 164 views

I don't know what career/major i want to pursue

I graduated from high school this May, and I've decided to take a gap year to think of what I want to do in the future. There is a lot of things I like and I dislike, I don't really have much that I'm "good" at, so it's been a little tough to figure out about my future. I've thought of some...

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Noelia G. May 03, 2019 147 views
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Tracey N. Nov 30, 2018 248 views

Whats your first choice career and how are you planning on accomplishing it?

Go in Depth about how you planning on achieving your Goals :) #career-choice #career-paths #career-choice #job...


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Katya R. Aug 31, 2018 266 views

What career options would I have if I studied Environmental Science?

I am considering majoring in Environmental Science but I'm concerned about what to do from there. #environmentalscience...


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Katya R. Aug 31, 2018 245 views

Which school has the best Dietetics program?

I am interested in dietetics and would like to know which school would help me the most. #nutrition...


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Dorothy Deane D. Aug 29, 2018 298 views

How do you know for sure what career path is right for you?

I am a public health major and there are hundreds of careers I could pursue. How do I narrow my passions down to one career? #publichealthmajor...


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Eduardo G. Aug 28, 2018 279 views

To what extent has the Finance career changed the economy around us?

I'm curious about just how powerful Finance could be and how it was improved our economy....