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A doctor is a person who holds a doctorate, which is a post-graduate degree obtained after receiving a four-year degree. The most commonly know career for a doctor is within...

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What are some good medical internships?

i want to become a doctor. senior in high school. #doctor...


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kathy L. Jul 30 15 views

Whats a normal day for an anesthesiologist?

I'm trying to figure out what I might want to major in, at medical school. #anesthesiologist #doctor #medical #medicine...


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Applying to Med School as a Low Income Student?

I know that the general advice for premed students is to keep undergraduate debt low, since the cost of applying can be thousands to begin with. I don't have concerns about having undergrad debt because of my school's generous financial aid (I get school grants, Pell Grants, work study, etc.)....

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I'm interested in becoming a surgeon, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by the intense hours required of surgical fellows. Is it possible to balance work life with a family life in this setting?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning to #major in #biology and continue on to get my MD. I am considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon, but I want to have a better understanding of the #work-life balance of #surgical #fellows. #doctor #surgery #pediatrics...


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I want to become a doctor. If I complete my undergraduate degree in three years, how should I make time to study for the MCAT?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning on acquiring an MD in a 7-year period. I am also considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon. #doctor...


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How can one get into medical school as a single mom of 3 very young kids?

It’s a conviction of mine to become a physician but life changed the route before I could complete that journey. I have completed all but one prerequisite. I have worked in the field but not as a licensed professional. Currently I’m functioning as a single mother with three children under 7...

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Asya M. Jul 25 43 views

Can you become a medical doctor and specialize in working with children and adults with special needs?

I have a brother with ASD, so I know how visits to the doctor can be vastly different if he is seeing a doctor that has experience being around someone with special needs versus seeing a doctor that does not have that background. As a result, I was wondering if there is such a thing as...

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Alice X. Jul 24 58 views

What are the steps of getting into med school and becoming a doctor?

Until recently, I was a chemical engineering student. However, learning on my own through online classes, I realized that it wasn't right for me. I have switched majors and career paths as I am about to go into my senior year. I am now studying to get into med school. The only thing I am...

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Sophia A. Jul 22 36 views

Is a B.A/M.D combined program worth it, or is the traditional 4 year pre med then med school route better?

I am a honors/straight A student, and I do well in high stress environments and do well in science classes. Also I want to do surgery for reference, so I’m thinking a ba/md program would help save time. #pre-med #college...


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Tara S. Jul 20 44 views

How feasible is doing a PhD and MD at the same time?

How feasible is it to become both a scientist and a doctor? Thank you! #july20 #medicine #healthcare #scientist...


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sruti S. Jul 18 36 views

Doctor: renowned university but not all setteled

What I keep wondering about is something like this: doing mbbs in India through government quota takes so much efforts and sleepless nights but what makes me think abt it is the fact that even after so much efforts not all doctors are owning huge hospitals or a lot of respect.. I see many of...

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Ways to improve the healthcare system

I have seen many videos in the media where people are explaining to doctors and nurses that they are hurt. The doctors and nurses are not believing these people and the people end up dead or seriously ill. How can we put an end to this?! #doctor #july20 #career...


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What are the major differences between a PA and a doctor?

I am curious about the differences between a physician’s assistant and a typical doctor. What are the differences in training? What are the differences in day-to-day life? What traits are best to have for each job? For those who chose between the two, what helped you to make up your mind? I...

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Are you satisfied with your job? Is there anything you would change about it?

I'm just curious to see if the hours/pay/lifestyle is what you anticipated and whether or not you like it. #jobs #agriculture #doctor #orthodontics #general #career #business #dentist # #surgeon #teacher #engineer #lawyer #politician...


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What are the similarities and differences between a traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a degree and a modern medical doctor, assuming that they both practice in clinical environments?

I am interested about working in the healthcare realm, and I have considered going to med school. However, recently I came across that you can get degrees in Chinese Medicine Programs. How is this different from simply going to med school, doing the necessary training, and becoming a doctor? I...

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