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Career Questions tagged Surgeon

Sphesihle B.’s Avatar
Sphesihle B. Jun 20 80 views

What is it like to be a cardiothoracic surgeon?

guys do any if you also know about cardiothoracic surgeons because I want to know more about them and wish was a heart surgeon all i need is information

Carmen C.’s Avatar
Carmen C. May 29 112 views

How much money do surgeons make? Do men and women earn the same amount of money?

I know working as a surgeon is a lot so, one thing I never thought of is how much they earn !

Diya P.’s Avatar
Diya P. May 22 89 views

How do I become a military surgeon? What are the possible ways I can take to achieve this goal?

I want to know how to become a military surgeon. I know there are programs in colleges where you can get military training and that to join the military as a doctor, you will need a PH.D. But I am unsure of this fact.

Carmen C.’s Avatar
Carmen C. May 22 271 views

Can women become surgeons?

I want to work in the medical field and I want to become a surgeon but I was told that women can't be surgeons but I'm not sure if that's true. I'm in 8th grade and I'm 14 years old !

Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. May 20 62 views

I want to be the cardiothoracic surgeon where patients would request me when they're in any kind of pain .

Cardiothoracic surgeon

Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. May 03 135 views

how does it feel to be a cardiothoracic surgeon ?

i want to know more about this topic to have more knowledge when i get into this field .

Erika M.’s Avatar
Erika M. Apr 27 202 views

Have you ever had a brain injury patient recently in the last six months?

I want to become a neuropsychologist and I am majoring in Biology.

enrique V.’s Avatar
enrique V. Mar 03 146 views

what type of degree i need to be a cardiac surgeon??

#healthcare #surgery #surgeon

Kiera A.’s Avatar
Kiera A. Feb 07 76 views

What kind of schooling do I need to become a surgeon?

I have dreamed of becoming a surgeon for a while and I want to know how many years I need to go to college and what I have to do after that. #surgeon

Zeeshan R.’s Avatar
Zeeshan R. Jan 07 310 views

what is agar?

#medicine #doctor #premed #healthcare #biology #healthcare #medical #labortry #pediatrics #surgeon

Carolina S.’s Avatar
Carolina S. Dec 08, 2021 315 views

What would be a good alternative career if not trauma surgeon/ER doctor?

#doctor #medicine #surgeon #medical #career #highschool #college

Lauryn W.’s Avatar
Lauryn W. Oct 13, 2021 204 views

What does it take to be a General Surgeon.

I'm currently in Health Science and have thought about being a General Surgeon. I really enjoy helping others. What are similar career choices just in case I'm not fully committed. #options #careerchoices #medical #doctor #surgery #surgeon #hospital-and-health-care

vusi D.’s Avatar
vusi D. Aug 09, 2021 274 views

Where to study to be a general surgeon and how long does it take?

Im understand things slowly #career #doctor #healthcare #surgeon

jermyia J.’s Avatar
jermyia J. Aug 02, 2021 210 views

I want to be a surgeon but I don't want to make the wrong choice and hate it . what do i do?.

#surgeon #doctor #medical #surgery #medicine

eyms T.’s Avatar
eyms T. Jul 18, 2021 243 views

Health Related Studies

Hello, this year I will be a senior, and I am thinking of studying medicine, or nursing. I'm an international student, i really want to study in the US and get a full ride scholarship. For which one would it be easier for me to get a full ride scholarship #nursing #scholarship #nurse...

kiara B.’s Avatar
kiara B. Jul 11, 2021 300 views

what do I need in order to be a doctor?

#doctor #medicine #surgeon

Da'Nita G.’s Avatar
Da'Nita G. Jul 06, 2021 259 views

Is this realistic?

I want to make a business. I want to work with children, teens and animals. It will be like a mental and physical therapy. The children will get help with life. Like emotional, mental, physical support or with life, school and family. The animals will be rescued and fixed up. The children and...

cindy C.’s Avatar
cindy C. Jul 01, 2021 283 views

What's the first thing you should do to become a surgeon?

#professional #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical

Gaby E.’s Avatar
Gaby E. Jun 30, 2021 282 views

What do I need to do to become a surgeon?

I'm in highschool and I love biology and dissecting things, I think being a surgeon might be right for me #medicine #surgeon #biology

sumayra A.’s Avatar
sumayra A. Jun 24, 2021 308 views

What do I need to do to become a neurosurgeon ?

I value helping people and also have high interest in the human body and discovering medical changes that can be beneficial to humanity #medicine #premed #brain #surgeon

samara E.’s Avatar
samara E. Jun 16, 2021 196 views

i wanna know more about being a plastic surgeon

hi i’m a 14 year old 8th grade student and i really want to be a plastic surgeon but i don’t really know where to start. #surgeon #medicine #doctor #cosmetic #medical

Promax M.’s Avatar
Promax M. Jun 16, 2021 232 views

Is Medical Billing and Coding a necessary thing for Doctors??

#doctor #doctor #medicine #pharmacy #nurse #medical #surgeon #medicine

Chasity K.’s Avatar
Chasity K. Jun 03, 2021 192 views

How much does a pediatric surgeon make ?

#surgeon #pediatrician

siyabonga M.’s Avatar
siyabonga M. May 31, 2021 191 views

what do i need to be a qualified doctor

#medicine #doctor...

Iris G.’s Avatar
Iris G. May 23, 2021 158 views

what is the difference between studying medicine in England and the US?

Hi, I just set my mind to take the path of #surgeon, but I'm not sure which education system fits me the best. What is it like to study in these two countries? What are the different pathways to take to become a surgeon? I appreciate your answers to my question--your answers helps me a lot!...

Jenniyah B.’s Avatar
Jenniyah B. May 20, 2021 226 views

Is doing many years of college really needed to become a doctor?

#doctor #doctorate-degree #surgeon #doctorate

Imani R.’s Avatar
Imani R. May 11, 2021 153 views

What do you need to be an obgyn doctor?

#medicine #medicine #doctor #surgeon

Reese H.’s Avatar
Reese H. Apr 22, 2021 320 views

What classes do i have to take in high school if i want to be a surgeon.

I want to become a surgeon or a nurse but i want to stick with being a surgeon. #surgeon #surgery

Divya G.’s Avatar
Divya G. Apr 20, 2021 265 views

Which A-levels should I choose for medicine?

My GCSEs are almost done with and I have to choose my A-levels soon. I've already decided on taking biology and chemistry for my first two options, and maybe psychology as a third option because I think it's related to medicine and can help me. My fourth option is giving me quite a bit of a...

Carolina S.’s Avatar
Carolina S. Apr 14, 2021 198 views

What do you need to major in order to become a trauma surgeon ?

#surgeon #medical-school #college #trauma #ER #medical-education