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Career Questions tagged Surgeons

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Joseph May 09 186 views

What are some of the requirements jobs are looking for in order to become a reconstructive surgeon?

I've been wanting to get into this career field for a while and thought it'd be nice to ask someone with experience in it.

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Erika Apr 27 251 views

What are the pros and cons of a neuropsychologist?

I would like to know .

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Monica Apr 16, 2021 239 views

What would be your top advice you would give yourself in the years you were on the road to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon?

#cardiothoracic #surgeons #advice

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Monica Apr 16, 2021 312 views

While taking the steps to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, what were some of the hardest challenges?

#cardio #thoracic #cardiothoracic #surgeons #surgery

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Monica Apr 16, 2021 267 views

What are the steps to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon?

#cardiothoracic #surgery #surgeons

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Lucy Mar 15, 2021 319 views

Is the stress and pressure of being a surgeon worth the opportunity to be able to save lives?

#surgeons #cardiothoracic #pre-med

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Nevaeh Mar 02, 2021 288 views

What motivated you?

School, studying, and grades are all very stressful things. How did you deal with things that got in your way to success? How to stay focused and motivated on not giving up? #school #education #surgeons #surgeon #medicine #medical-school

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Nevaeh Mar 02, 2021 407 views

Advice on becoming a surgeon

What are some things you wish you knew before you became a surgeon? Specifically a Neurosurgeon, Cardio thoracic surgeon, or Trauma surgeon what additional courses or classes did you take in college? Do you think they helped you become a surgeon or helped you better understand things in your...

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Oct 19, 2020 262 views

how many years you have to study for this career? What's the yearly salary? What's the hardest thing have u done or seen during your career? Is it hard to find a job after you finish the college? How is the daily environment in your job? How were you sure that you wanted to be/study this career?

#nutritionist #surgeons

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annalise Oct 19, 2020 248 views

what schools are the most beneficial to be a surgeon (trauma/neuro)

#surgeon #surgery #surgeons #cardiac-surgeon

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Vanisha Jul 22, 2020 237 views

What interests you to become a surgeon?


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Vanisha Jul 22, 2020 219 views

How is it like being a surgeon?

#surgeons #medical-school

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Jessica Jul 21, 2020 228 views

What are the benefits of becoming a surgeon?


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Jessica Jul 21, 2020 280 views

What degrees do you need to become a surgeon?

#cardiac-surgeon #surgeons

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Karlie Jun 06, 2018 482 views

What is a day to day schedule for an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Day in the life of an orthopedic surgeon. What is something that you do every day and something that happens, but isn't common. Also can you talk about a specialization in sports med if possible
#orthopedics #surgeons #sportsmedicine #medicine

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DAMON Apr 19, 2018 472 views

What degree do i need to be a surgeon and how long will it take

Because iv'e been planning to become a surgeon #residency #surgeons #pediatric-surgeon #medicine

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Yolanda Jan 23, 2018 477 views

How many surgeries do #surgeons completes in a day?

Im researching what #surgeons do daily
#surgery #medicine

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Azucena Jan 13, 2018 442 views

What jobs could I choose from the medical field with a doctoral degree?

I'm a sophomore in high school that is looking forward to the future and all the different options I could possibly choose from.#registered-nurses #surgeons #medicine #hospital #doctorate-degree #doctor #anasthesiologist

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Oct 31, 2016 680 views

What are some of the ways that you deal with difficult situations that you face as a surgeon?

I want to become a doctor, and specifically a neurosurgeon. I know that it takes a long time, there is much to learn, and years of study to achieve this goal. I realize that I could face some situations that are difficult and that no matter how good I am, I may not be able to help everyone....

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Allison Oct 27, 2016 704 views

What is a day in the life as a surgeon?

I definitely want to pursue a career in medicine, but I can't really decide. #surgeons #nurses #medicine #surgery #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Ally’s Avatar
Ally Oct 24, 2016 804 views

How do you keep your career from becoming your entire life?

While I want to be passionate about and focused on my career, I want to be able to balance work and family. I think there is definitely a way to have the best of both worlds, but I would enjoy some input on how to best go about accomplishing that. #doctor #medicine #surgery #surgeon #surgeons

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Qiqi Oct 23, 2016 622 views

If a person wants to be like, say, a cardiac surgeon, how many years if extra training does he/she need to go through?

I was just wondering actually...I know that if you want to go into like a specific area of surgery, then you would need extra training in that field. #medicine #surgeons #us #cardiac

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Qiqi Oct 23, 2016 974 views

What are the pros and cons of a bs/md program?

I'm a senior and I have been thinking about working in the medical field for a land time. I heard about the bs/md program and I though it was pretty cool, but I'm not sure #college #medicine #surgeons #boston #bsmeprograms

trinity’s Avatar
trinity May 24, 2016 941 views

what is some good advice for an aspiring pediactric surgeon (orthopedic)?

I would like to know anything and everything that can help me further educate myself and also put me in the right direction. #doctor #medicine #pediatrics #surgery #orthopedics #surgeons #hospital-and-health-care

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Johana Apr 20, 2015 763 views

how do surgeons become surgeons?

just aasking! :) #surgeon #surgeons

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Kelsie Mar 25, 2014 834 views

how many years do i need to go to college to be an obstetrician gynecologist?

i'm doing a research project- and can't find the right answer! this is my career and yet this question puzzles me.... #physician #careers #surgeons #gynecologist