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What jobs could I choose from the medical field with a doctoral degree?

I'm a sophomore in high school that is looking forward to the future and all the different options I could possibly choose from.#registered-nurses #surgeons #medicine #hospital #doctorate-degree #doctor #anasthesiologist

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2 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

There are also several other options that will require a doctoral degree such as a pharmacist, physical therapist, psychiatrist, optometrist, dentist, and I am sure there are other fields that I have not mentioned. The main thing is keeping in mind how many years of schooling you are wanting to endure and also is there is a specific population/disease state/specialty you may be interested in.

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Frank’s Answer

Hello Student Azucena P., from Kankakee, Illinois. Thanks for your question for what jobs you could choose from in the medical field with a doctoral degree. Hope your doing fine with your 2nd year sophomore at high-school? We believe that you must set your sights very high and achieve a very high Attar Score especially for your final year in high-school education. Please also check out Medical Career opportunities through #jobcorps Best of Luck from Remote-Virtual TESOL Teacher Mr. Frank O from Finland in EU. Sunday 12-April-2020.

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