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Alexandra H. Sep 17, 2018 332 views

How hard is it to double major in Education and Psychology?

I know this is obviously specific to the school but I've been looking at my options for a major and I really feel like doing education and psychology is the best idea for my career plans so I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experience doing this. #psychology #college #education...

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Danielle D. Oct 12, 2017 834 views
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Imani G. Sep 02, 2017 517 views

Should I stay or should I go?

I am a junior in college studying psychology. I plan to go to graduate school to attain a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I have heard people say that it is very difficult to get into clinical psychology programs as a student right out of college because they want their students to have some...

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Breanna R. Sep 01, 2017 470 views

How do I get an internship my freshman year?

Everyone talks about them and how they're good to have but never how to get them or where to look for them. I want one as soon as possible. #psychology #clinical-psychology...


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Alexandra C. Aug 13, 2017 528 views

How do you ask an institution or professional for shadowing opportunities?

I am currently a college psychology student. There is a particular clinical institution that I would be interested in doing some shadowing at. My problem is that I'm not sure how to ask if shadowing opportunities are available when I have no prior relationship with the institution. My target...

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Carlos P. Jan 24, 2017 580 views

What social skills does a person have to have to be a psychologist?

Surely people in this profession have to have the right set of mind in order to help people but how does one prepare. #human-services #psychology #clinical-psychology #social...


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Stephaniep W. Aug 20, 2016 932 views

Im in a wrong major and now my grades are falling and i feel guilty about it, what should i do?

Im a medstud, im goin in 3rd year right now. I was feeling that meds isnt for me since the begining, but i kept going bcause i dont want to let my parents down. I went through myfirst year good enough, 3.1 GPA and during second year i just couldnt bear it anymore and i got depress. I never...

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Angela A. May 31, 2017 659 views

Is the graduate school supposed to pay for you to attend?

I have heard people say that if the graduate school is not paying for you to come then something is wrong. Does it depend on the school, or major, or something else? I don't understand how this works or what it really means. #psychology #graduate-school #clinical-psychology...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 610 views

How does graduate school work?

I am confused about what goes in graduate school. I understand that it's usually taken after going to college and sometimes you have to take a test to get into one, depending on your career choice or the degree you're seeking, right? #graduate-school #clinical-psychology #counseling-psychology...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 553 views

How would a college graduate go about finding a job in clinical psychology?

I'm graduating soon and want to know what first or next steps I can take to get closer to being a marriage and family counselor. #clinical-psychology #counseling-psychology #family-therapy #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 11843 views

Under what category would psychology or clinical psychology be considered in?

I was looking on LinkedIn and I couldn't decide or figure out what industry psychology or any occupation related to it falls under. I was guessing human resources but I haven't received any good recommendations so I feel like it's wrong. #psychology #human-resources #clinical-psychology...


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Brittany P. Apr 12, 2017 853 views

Some tips on balancing college, work, and other aspects of your life?

I'm 20 and have been enrolled in community college since I was 16. It's been a roller-coaster as far as my academic performance; I've done well in many classes and failed just as many. I think the biggest factor of my failures is my tendency to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed or stressed....

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Krystal H. Mar 30, 2017 1990 views

What do you do if you're a senior in college and you still don't know what you want to do with your degree?

I have a bachelor's of science degree in psychology. I'm pretty hesitant about getting my masters for a couple of reasons. For one, I don't know what I want. And two, it's really expensive. I've looked at a lot of jobs, but nothing in this field is really catching my eye. I love to do research...

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Angela A. Mar 30, 2017 406 views

Does a psychology major absolutely have to do something in research or work on an experiment before moving on to graduate school?

I've heard my professors say things about doing research or getting involved with a professor who is doing research. I want to know if it is a requirement before I can graduate; does it depend on what my interests are; or is it an option? #psychology...


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Estefania R. Mar 22, 2017 1033 views
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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 553 views

What's the difference between a Ph. D and Psy. D?

Is one more valuable than the other in terms of finding a clinical psychologist job or making more money? Is one easier to get than the other? #psychology #clinical-psychology #phd...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 513 views

Does your personal life affect if you can be a Marriage counsellor or Family counsellor?

I'm interested in marriage/family counselling. I'm just wondering how important the quality of your own relationships are if you're helping others with their relationships? #psychology #therapy #clinical-psychology #family-therapy #personality...


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Rachel B. Jan 29, 2017 898 views
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Victoria O. Jan 16, 2017 902 views
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Debra Z. Dec 26, 2016 703 views
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Vanessa M. Dec 13, 2016 484 views

What are some good internships in New York City for a Criminal Justice & Psychology major

I am a dual major that wants to start building a productive resume. I am still undecided on what I career choice I want. However I still want to participate in as much activities to see which one I like best. #psychology #criminal-justice #law-enforcement...


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Vera L. Dec 03, 2016 1939 views

What if I made a typo on my college application?

Should I call attention to the typo if it's minor, like leaving out the word "the" or forgetting a period? Should I just keep the error? #college #psychology #college-major #college-admissions #college-bound #clinical-psychology #college-applications...


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Breonna S. Oct 27, 2016 578 views

Should I go for a B.A. or B.S. in psychology?

I would like to be a clinical psychologist but I'm not sure which degree would be best for me. #psychology...


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Christine C. Oct 22, 2016 587 views

What are the different types of careers for areas in psychology? Why are people interested in these jobs?

I'm super interested in psych. And I just want to know what a normal day is as a psychologist or any other career. #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychotherapy...


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Yajaira V. Oct 21, 2016 481 views

How do psychologist go about treating patients without it affecting themselves in the process?

As I want to become a clinical psychologists I wonder how people in this field keep themselves from being equally affected by a patient or research they are conducting. #psychology...


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Yajaira V. Oct 21, 2016 455 views

How did you find a job in the field of psyhology after your first years in college?

As jobs in psychology are becoming more popular, it seems difficult to to actually find them. #clinical-psychology...