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Career Questions tagged Lcsw

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Dec 28, 2022 292 views

How do I decide between getting a lcsw or lmhc/lpcc degree?

I have a BS in psychology and want to go back to school to work in the mental health field with the chronically mentally ill, as of now. It would be easier for me financially to get the counseling degree, but I know that the social work degree offers more variety in terms of careers, and it is...

Sue’s Avatar
Sue Jan 16, 2018 799 views

What are the two most important things to be aware of as I enter the workforce as a master's level professional?

In two years I will be looking for work with a master's degree. I am wondering how to get the best position possible. In social work there are many opportunities.

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Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 12, 2017 1804 views

What are the true differences between licensed therapists or counselors, such as; LMFT, LCSW, LCP?

I have recently done some research on this topic since it is where I would like my educational plans to go towards.

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