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Valeria G. Aug 27, 2018 126 views
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Camryn C. Aug 14, 2018 135 views

What would be a beneficial minor next to a psychology major?

I want to be a child psychologist one day, but some schools I plan to apply for require a minor. I want to be able to help individuals and have thought about opening a mental health store. This makes me wonder if business might be a good minor. #university #psychology #majors-and-minors...


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April W. Mar 20, 2018 146 views

What are appropriate steps that future counselors should take when working with clients online?

With social media and other online resources being on the rise, if a client prefers online-counseling versus counseling that is face-to-face, what steps should a counselor take in order to establish a professional client-counselor relationship that is online? #mental-health-counseling...

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Kinley W. Apr 16, 2018 256 views

What are the differences between the work a pyschiatrist does and the work a psychologist does

I have interest in being a psychologist or psychiatrist but I am bit fuzzy on the difference between the two. #medicine #pyschology #pysch #pyschologist #mental-health-care #mental-health #clincial-mental-health...


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Kinley W. Apr 16, 2018 280 views

What are the differences between the work a pyschiatrist does and the work a psychologist does

I have interest in being a psychologist or psychiatrist but I am bit fuzzy on the difference between the two. #medicine #pyschology #pysch #pyschologist #mental-health-care #mental-health #clincial-mental-health...


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Clifford Khent C. Mar 06, 2018 208 views

If I want to become a Clinical Psychologist, what can I do early on in order to get my foot in the door?

Currently, I work as a Behavioral Therapist. Would this be a good way to get my foot into the clinical aspect of the psychology field? #clinicalpsychology #psychology...


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Danielle D. Oct 12, 2017 399 views

What are the true differences between licensed therapists or counselors, such as; LMFT, LCSW, LCP?

I have recently done some research on this topic since it is where I would like my educational plans to go towards. #clinical-psychology #psychology #lmft #lcp #lcsw #therapy #family-therapy #counseling #mental-health #mental-health-counseling...


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Sharon G. Sep 02, 2017 354 views

If I major in research and experimental psychology would I be able to create psychological programs (international, local, etc.)?

I was told I could be able to create psychological programs, for example a program for children suffering from ptsd, but was not told specifically what to study or how to do so. I would truly like to have this a future career option and would like to know how I would be able to achieve it....

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Clear X. Apr 25, 2017 727 views

Need career guidance for a counseling career

I am a currently a sophomore marketing major. My own experience with mental health makes me want to inspire others and help them live happily. I hope to apply for mental health counseling, family and relationship therapist, social work master (even to a phd counseling psychology.) My...

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Estela G. Feb 23, 2017 505 views

What do I need in order to be a mental health counselor? Degree? Steps?

I am interested in this career because I like socializing with people as well as advising others when needed. Additionally I chose to focus on mental health because it has always interested me. #mental-health...


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Madeline L. Feb 14, 2017 595 views

As an opinion, does clinical psychology rely more on the people to people aspect; being able to read patients and listen to their problems, or the scientific, neurological aspect?

I am wondering if I have a possible future in clinical psychology and would like more experienced opinions on what this entails. #psychology #mental-health #mental-health-counseling...


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Rachel B. Jan 29, 2017 485 views

What do counseling psychologists do?

I am a psychology major in college #psychology #mental-health...


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Shakera C. Jan 21, 2017 544 views

is social work worth it?

Im currently a junior in high school and i want a career in Mental Heath social work for kids specifically but any age is fine. I curious how i should go about it with colleges. Also if its worth it, i understand that the pay isnt he best but is the personal satisfaction enough? Im thinking od...

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Jennifer A. Jan 16, 2017 451 views

How do I get experience towards being a Therapist/counseling with only a BA in Psychology?!

I'm saving money for graduate school, I'm about to get my BA this 2017 Spring and I can't find any experience towards my field of study being a licensed professional counselor. #therapy #therapists #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling...


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Emily T. Oct 28, 2016 953 views

How difficult is it to keep yourself from becoming emotionally drained as a psychologist?

I have always been an empath, and I love nothing more than to talk people through their problems and help in any way I can. Sometimes, though, I find myself almost "absorbing" the negative emotions and energies in the people I'm talking with. I want to become a professional psychologist, most...

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Sherese B. May 25, 2016 671 views
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Fatimah M. May 19, 2016 341 views

What are the different career options for a student studying Psychology?

I am going to be a college Sophomore in Fall 2016 and I want to understand more about the different paths I can choose from if I continue to major in Psychology. I specifically want to become a Mental Health Psychologist. #psychology...


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Grace D. Mar 17, 2015 1056 views

After you graduate from college with a major in psychology, what are some some steps that you can take in order to get a job as a mental health/ substance abuse social worker?

Hi I am Grace, I am currently a sophomore in high school but I am very interested in this field of study. I just wanted to know some steps that it takes to actually become a social worker because a lot of people go to college to major in psychology but never put it to use. So it is a waste of...

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Cynthia J. Jan 06, 2014 836 views

As a social worker, what is the process of the client paper work after you meet with them ?

I'm a Senior in high School , and i might like to become a social worker in the future. #social-worker...