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The backbone of any school, education, or instruction institution, a teacher will facilitate the learning of the student. From art teacher to martial arts, there are many paths for a...

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Hope A. Oct 14 31 views
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lily P. Oct 08 35 views

What college would be best for becoming a band teacher

I enjoy playing trombone and play for my schools symphonic band and marching band. I think I would have fun in this career. music education college...


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lily P. Oct 08 41 views

What are the requirements for becoming a teacher?

I've wanted to become a band teacher for a little bit. I play the trombone and I find band very fun. So I was wondering what are some requirements that I would need to have in order to become a band teacher. teacher music career music...


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Ashley Z. Oct 07 42 views

What is the hardest/most rewarding part about being a teacher?

I've been considering becoming a teacher (most likely for elementary schoolers) because I enjoy working with children, so I would like to know more about what it's like. education teacher teaching...


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Anderson L. Sep 28 74 views
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Alexandra C. Sep 21 78 views

Why is there so much disconnect between public educators and education administrators?

teaching seems like such a great career, and so does being an ed administrator, but with the modern-day "common core", "no child left behind" mentality, it ends up putting so much stress and pressure on teachers that does not translate into better student performance. What's worse is that...

ed-admin leadership education-administration educators aministration politics administrators standardized-testing education policy teacher

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arun T. Aug 23 134 views

how to work is ac current

plz give me a answer doctor work teacher t...


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Andrea C. Aug 13 143 views

What to ask when student teaching?

I'm going to start student teaching pretty soon and I wanted to know what to look for or like what to ask the teacher that I'm student teaching with. Also how was your experience with student teaching, what should I avoid? teaching education teacher student...


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Zariyah S. Aug 11 109 views

What is this site for? What does it help you with

I am in 10th grade. My teacher thinks its import for us to make so many accounts that I don't even remember what they are or what they do. teacher I also tend to get good...

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Nate C. Aug 05 80 views
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Andrea C. Jul 28 120 views

Is teaching a tiring job

When I was in highschool and middle school, most of my teachers really seemed like they didn't want to be there. That gave me motivation to be better if I became a teacher but I don't know if I'll be up to it if it'll end up the same way as them. teaching teacher college teacher...

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Charlize T. Jul 22 131 views

Student Teaching/AuPair

I Finished matric in 2020. This year I am taking a gap year and working but I'm studying BEd online in 2022 so I am looking for an Aupair job or a Student Teaching job opening so that I can study, work and get work experience for the future at the same time but I'm not sure where I can get...

teaching job college aupair student education teacher career

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Que B. Jun 26 141 views

How be a good teacher in the special needs department?

I am a high school graduate and I am looking for information on about being a good teacher. teacher education english...


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Jaheim P. Jun 26 3 views

Do you like being a Paraprofessional?

I’m interested in becoming a Para teacher # teaching education...


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Jaheim P. Jun 25 4 views
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Simeon B. Jun 18 132 views

How can I be a doctor of education?

I would like to have my Ed.D./Doctorate in Educational Leadership. How can I get started? doctor education...


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Laila L. Jun 18 188 views

Is it strange to have such diverse career goals? How do I go about wanting to do something with art, being a 911 operator, and being an elementary school teacher?

During my 12 years of school, I was "encouraged" to go to college, but it was more like manipulation. It was more like a life or death situation when it came to the topic of college, which essentially drove me away from wanting anything from it. During high school, I wanted to do more with art,...

artist teaching 911 operator college education art teacher 911operator drawing help career

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Saniaya A. Jun 12 201 views

What do you need to become a teacher

I am in 10th grade in high school and I would like to become a teacher to young age students education teaching...


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Saniaya A. Jun 12 160 views

What is your career goal?

My career goal is to become a teacher because I like to educate the youth. Also when I’m a teacher I will want all my students to become something in life....


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Amuna A. May 26 146 views

What do I do right after graduating college?

I' m entering college soon and I'm not sure if I am going to school to gain experience or to get a job right away. What's more valuable. I wanna work with kids in a school, either a teacher or speech pathologist.teacher children...


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AMIT K. May 03 212 views

I need a job as chemistry teacher

My name is Amit Kumar and I have one year teaching experience teacher I have done b.pharma and master of organic...

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Elbe B. Apr 15 163 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. teacher educators theatre students...