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Career Questions tagged Artificialintelligence

Rachel V.’s Avatar
Rachel V. Aug 15, 2021 180 views

Education for an AI research path?

I am a freshman at UT dallas and I am majoring in software engineering. My goal is to work in AI and artificial engineering in the future. Is the path I'm on right now good for the field I want to get into in the future, or should I change my major? Also do you have any advice on how to look...

engineering technology artificialengineering ai artificialintelligence

Jane S.’s Avatar
Jane S. May 16, 2020 454 views

I'm really interested in understanding human behavior and solving problems, but I don't have extensive tech experience. Could a career in AI be right for me?

Hi! I'm a high school student trying to figure out possible career paths I would be suited for. I've always been interested in language, neuropsychology; finding a way to integrate that with upcoming tech sounds fascinating. technology ai artificialintelligence behavior computerscience...

solutions tech programming machinelearning

Mohammad D.’s Avatar
Mohammad D. Jun 07, 2019 321 views

I have three plain career choices: AI researcher, theoretical physicist or ethical hacker. What should I choose?

I’ve narrowed down my career choices to these three career paths, based on my interests. I can either go into the AI field and help spearhead cutting-edge research into making a humanoid AI; I can become a theoretical physicist spearheading research in quantum mechanics, or become an ethical...

quantum career science ethicalhacking research physics artificialintelligence

Golam R.’s Avatar
Golam R. May 06, 2019 341 views

Should I take the Singapore Government Grant for undergraduate studies?

I am a high school student from Bangladesh. I have recently been accepted to Yale-NUS College for the class of 2023. I have an option to take the Government grant that will allow me to pay subsidised fees but I will have to take up a bond to work for 3 years in a Singapore-registered company...

undergraduate ai technology college bachelors science computer artificialintelligence singapore

dennis S.’s Avatar
dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 703 views

Where can I get an internship for my intended major of Computer Science and Information?

I really want to pursue a career involving computer information science, specifically artificial intelligence and data analytics. The reason why i’m asking is due to a hard time finding internships I qualify for. ArtificialIntelligence ComputerScience ComputerInformation Data DataAnalytics...

interships information