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I want to enter Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence but they only have masters and PhD, so I want to know what do I have to study in college “I will start college next year” to enter?

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3 answers

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Dhairya’s Answer

Hi Sara,
It's awesome to see you're interested in studying AI. I'm not too familiar with Abu Dhabi's education system so take my advice accordingly. I work as an AI researcher (focusing on developing deep learning models for natural language understanding and processing in the fintech space).

The most straight forward path to AI is majoring in computer science. Most CS programs will have courses in AI, machine learning, and deep learning methods. You'll also have the opportunity to explore specializations like computer vision, NLP, and robotics. Outside of the CS courses you'll want to take Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus. That should be a solid base for any AI program. As an undergrad, I highly recommend doing research with a professor. You'll learn more about what AI research entails, potentially get publication opportunities and strong recommendations.

That being said there are many other pathways to AI research depending on your interests. My background was quite non-traditional (studied creative writing undergrad, software engineering for my masters, and now PhD in AI). Students may also take classes in cognitive science, neuroscience, applied math, physics, and other specific stem field before exploring AI.

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Lisa’s Answer

Sara - Sometimes the best way to answer this sort of question is to get in contact with the school directly. For example, if you visit the Admissions page of their website and scroll down to the "Admissions Requirements" section of their website, it lists the requirements for getting in to the school. I have copied and pasted the most relevant information for you below, but I encourage you to visit their website to learn more or emailing/calling an admissions representative: https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study/admissions

MSc Programs - Completed Degree: Bachelor of Science or equivalent from a top-ranked university accredited or recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

PhD Programs - Completed Degree: Master of Science or equivalent from a top-ranked university accredited or recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

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Syclair’s Answer

I would recommend seeing if there are undergraduate/bachelor’s programs in Computer Science, Data Science, or Software Engineering.

These will help you understand the basics of how computers work and how to use different programming languages to tell computers what you want them to do.