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Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 03, 2022 335 views

What should I expect from computer science classes in college and later in the future

What should I do should to prepare myself

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Jul 21, 2021 588 views

Is there a place for data science generalists in the job market?

With some introspection these last few months, I found that no one field (e.g, analytics, natural language processing, experimentation, etc) in the data science space really draws me (though all are very interesting in their own way). With that being said, is it frowned upon in the job market...

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Feb 02, 2022 459 views

I would like to dive in deeper into the world of computer science, are there any programs I could take over the summer that could help me with it?

# #computer-science #technology

Jiarong’s Avatar
Jiarong Jan 24, 2022 393 views

What is the best part of working as a Machine Learning Engineer?

#software engineering #engineer #technology #machine learning

Qianlin’s Avatar
Qianlin Jan 31, 2022 541 views

Is working on jobs related to computer science stressful? Like being a programmer?

#computer-science #technology

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 28, 2022 475 views

How do you deal with impostor syndrome as a Data Scientist?

I heard a lot about those that start working after majoring in data science in college and they feel like they don't being. Some of their coworkers have extensive backgrounds in the field. I was wondering how one would overcome this. #datascience #impostorsyndrome #impostor

Gary’s Avatar
Gary Jan 28, 2022 419 views

What classes in high school are helpful to have a more successful programming career?

What other classes in high school should I take to be more successful in computer science? #computer-science

yuyan’s Avatar
yuyan Jan 31, 2022 467 views

Does computer science require designing skills (or just coding languages)?


Engoron’s Avatar
Engoron Jan 23, 2022 465 views

What are the most profound resources to utilize in college to learn about CS/AI?

#software #computer-science

Engoron’s Avatar
Engoron Oct 15, 2021 525 views

What does a day in the life of a ML/AI engineer look like?

I'm curious as to how a genuine day in the life of a ML/AI engineer. I do have presumptions such as gathering data and cleaning data. However, it would be insightful to hear the most transparent experience of a ML/AI engineer from themselves. #engineering #engineer #AI #computer-science

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Mar 04, 2021 585 views

Is there any particular way that code should be formatted?

I look at my code sometimes and see that I do things pretty messily, and although I leave notes sometimes I look at the lines I have and dislike the way that they're arranged. Is there a specific way that code "should" be made to look like or is it okay just to leave notes if it works...

Smangaliso’s Avatar
Smangaliso Feb 14, 2021 457 views

How can you work with people who did not understand the way you're ?

I'm very shy person slender, like to communicate with people and I have stammers, hard worker… that's all I can say yet about me. #motivation #work #helping-others

Mattia Alessandro’s Avatar
Mattia Alessandro Feb 06, 2021 942 views

How high should my C/C++ skills to be add into a resume

I'm learning how to code in C and C++ in high school, we are doing arrays, funcionts and so on. But we haven't done any object programming.
Is ti a valuable skill that i can include in my Resume ?
#high-school #coding #programming

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 26, 2020 458 views

I want to enter Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence but they only have masters and PhD, so I want to know what do I have to study in college “I will start college next year” to enter?


Lysette’s Avatar
Lysette Oct 09, 2020 899 views

What are some Careers you would suggest for me?

Hi my name is Lysette and I've been struggling in find a suitable career for myself, I have really been drawn to language learning, and travel, but I am very creative and I don't want to do a career that is too technical such as an interpreter, I would like to do something that Is creative,...