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San Francisco, California
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I want to get in a college that is well known for computer science. I want to major in computer science or related to design like (video game design). I also want to study abroad in the future.



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yuyan Sep 27, 2022 567 views

Difference between economic and business

What's the difference between economic and business major?

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yuyan Jan 31, 2022 617 views

I'm a high school student. What classes should I take to prepare me for majoring in computer science in college?

I'm a high school student, 11th grade. I'm currently taking Ap computer Science principles. #computer-science

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yuyan Jan 31, 2022 604 views

Does computer science require designing skills (or just coding languages)?


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yuyan Oct 05, 2021 475 views

What are courses I take in college if I want to major in a field related to graphic design (computer art)?

I am a high school student, currently taking computer art. I'm passionate in designing such as graphic design, create poster, banners... #graphic-design #design #art

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yuyan Sep 14, 2021 3714 views

What is the differences between web developer and web designer?