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What is the differences between web developer and web designer?

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Here is what I found:

Web Designer Web Developer
Web Designers are very creative in nature. Web Developers are more technical in nature.
Web designers are the aesthetic element. Web development refers to building user-friendly websites based on client’s
They transform the ideas into visually appealing designs. They transform designs into fully functional websites.
Websites looks and feels on the outside Web development refers to the functionality of the website on how it works.

and this:

The future of web design vs. web development is being redefined.

Ten years from now, experts in design and coding will still be in high demand. But their actual day-to-day tasks will look different as the no-code movement — a trend of enabling noncoders to build websites and software visually — changes the job landscape.

Designers, marketers, and other professionals will be able to build simpler apps, websites, and other digital tools without writing a line of code. Developers will then have more time for complex projects.

But the long-term effects of this disruption may be even more significant. We’re likely to see an emergence of new roles — hybrids of what were once two separate jobs — as the tools we use to accomplish web building become more efficient.

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Jay’s Answer

Hi Yuyan

I was fortunate enough to do both in my career. As Michael indicates, designers are more creative and developers are more technical. To give you an idea of what that means, I will try to illustrate the difference in the corporate world.

Web designers are often creative folks that work in or alongside a company's Art/Marketing teams. Sometimes they are simply graphic designers that specialize in User Interface or User Experience (UI/UX) design, but may have very little knowledge in writing the code to turn a flat image into a functional website. Other times they are programmers that can take a graphic designer's concept or wire-frame and write the code (ex: HTML, Javascript, CSS) to turn it into a functioning site interface.

Web developers are usually more technical and have experience in programming. Usually, webdevs care more about how a site functions and less about the aesthetics of the site like fonts, colors, and images. Like most areas of Information Technology, web development has many different sub-categories, specializations, and skill-sets. Generally speaking, your webdevs will typically fall into "front-end" and "back-end" roles. Front-end developers create the code for visual user-facing display and functionality, such as presenting a large amount of information into smaller easy-to-consume chunks using an accordion-styled interface. Back-end developers are more concerned with obtaining, storing, and retrieving the data that is then used to populate the interface, such as creating a form to capture a user's profile information, validating it is not malicious, and then storing that data in a database.

It is important to note that there is a growing number of individuals that are capable of being all of these at the same time. I started off my career as a graphic artist and website designer that created concepts and wire-frames and then converted them to functioning "static" websites. I eventually grew in my career and began developing "dynamic" data-driven websites using various programming languages and technologies. I was able to visualize the UI, plan the UX, create the site, and populate it with data.