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Elliot Jordan

Web Developer
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Paul Apr 09 214 views

Why shouldi learn web development?

Websites developer

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Jaylynn Apr 01 314 views

Could you describe one of your typical workdays?

What are some of the different things you usually do throughout the day ? Do you feel like this role gets intense sometimes? What is your go-to strategy if your stuck somewhere on something?

Linda’s Avatar
Linda Mar 29 220 views

How can I start a job as a kid ?

I want to work

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Mar 18 545 views

How do I become a great computer scientist?

How do I become a great computer scientist and how do I make sure I am the best at what I do....
I have been coding before but how do I make sure my codes are the best codes

Partrick’s Avatar
Partrick Mar 10 389 views

What time do i need to start work ?

How can i overcome challenges

cruz’s Avatar
cruz Feb 28 213 views

How can I bring humor to my job as a computer builder?

I am 14 years old and want to become a computer builder but I want to become funny for my clients in the future.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 21 564 views

How do I get started learning about technology?

Im in 10th grade. I am a beginner in this and open to taking summer classes. I think i would do better learning with a teacher/tutor rather watching videos on my own, but I will also try that, just wondering where I should start first!

Devran’s Avatar
Devran Oct 20, 2023 294 views

What is the best type of business to start after dropping out of school??

8th grade.
Currently learning Web Development full stack.

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Oct 15, 2023 455 views

How hard is the schooling to be a graphic designer?

Is it mostly art classes, or are there other mathy or sciency classes you need other than the core classes?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Oct 16, 2023 3040 views

Does it matter where you get your college degree from, if you wanna work at a big tech company?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to study computer science to become a programmer, the thing is that college is can be sort of expensive, I wanted to go out of state to a tech school but it is kind of pricey, the thing is that a college near me offers a computer science program as well...

S’s Avatar
S Jul 27, 2023 332 views

C Language choice

Hey there, I currently do web-developing im kind of new to this I learned front end and probably will start learning back-end aswell with C# not sure if it’s great to start off with that or no.

Fae’s Avatar
Fae Jul 06, 2023 5833 views

Why did you pick computer science as your field of study?

What motivates you to have your job in computer science/why did you pick it? What keeps you interested in technology?

jake’s Avatar
jake May 23, 2023 453 views

Tech theatre advice?

How do I get involved in the technical theatre business?

fernando’s Avatar
fernando May 15, 2023 330 views

is software development something that i can do for a long time? is there a rising demand for coders?

software development

fernando’s Avatar
fernando May 15, 2023 327 views

how many programming languages should I learn? what programming language is best for beginners?

this question is for software development.