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Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. Mar 05, 2018 305 views

How early should I start applying for internships?

I hear everyone starts to apply for summer internships in February and March, but I feel like I'm not qualified enough yet to apply for most internships, but would I be too late to get one if I wait until April or May to apply?...


Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. Mar 06, 2018 445 views

What level of involvement do employers look for on resumes?

I am involved with a club that I will be taking a leadership role after my first year of involvement, but I feel like I need to be joining more clubs. How many different things should I be involved with to get hired?...


Katherine C.’s Avatar
Katherine C. Oct 11, 2016 675 views

What is the best way to determine which area of psychology you would do best in?

I know that I want to major in Psychology, but I am unsure of how to determine which area that I like best or would be the best at. #psychology #careers #development...


anjaenai S.’s Avatar
anjaenai S. May 31, 2019 181 views
Ryan L.’s Avatar
Ryan L. Aug 27, 2019 459 views

What is a good entry level job to start building work experience while on a Business Administration track?

I see myself as having the skills to be a strong leader in my professional future, but I want to start building the workplace experience to match and further develop those skills. What entry-level positions would give me relevant work experience that would be valued after completion of my...

#career #business

Ling H.’s Avatar
Ling H. Jan 15 141 views
aakhash G.’s Avatar
aakhash G. Jan 17, 2017 642 views

What are the best ways to get noted and recognized by professors?

I'm going to start college this year and I wonder about the best ways to get noticed and build report with the faculty and potential recruiters or interviewers for college jobs and internships? What are things to do and things to avoid? #college #job-search #leadership #college-bound...

#recruitment #college-jobs

kentae D.’s Avatar
kentae D. Jun 12, 2019 192 views
Jacqueline S.’s Avatar
Jacqueline S. Oct 27, 2016 414 views

What kind of math do biomedical engineers do?

I want to know if it would be more algebraic or geometrical types of math....


RS P.’s Avatar
RS P. Mar 12, 2014 1407 views
Brittany S.’s Avatar
Brittany S. Mar 27, 2018 375 views

Can you appeal for more financial aid? If so, how?

I want to get the maximum amount of financial aid possible because I am scared I will be in loads of debt. #debt #student-debt ##debtfree #financial-aid...


Jarrett F.’s Avatar
Jarrett F. Sep 01, 2017 565 views

What are the basic differences between a Computer Science major and a Computer Programming major?

I am interested in majoring in something to do with Computers, whether that be engineering, programming, etc, and I would like to know the basic differences between such majors. #computers...


Quinn  C.’s Avatar
Quinn C. Oct 28, 2016 494 views

Is there any careers that combine civil engineering and architecture together?

I am in a PLTW class that is considered a Civil Engineering course, however we use lots of architecture as well. I really enjoy the class and I wanted to know if there was a way to find a career to combine the two later. #engineering...


Makalah D.’s Avatar
Makalah D. Jan 17 109 views

What are the best internships for my major and minor?

I am an undergrad student studying psychology pre-law with a minor in criminology. I would love intern to in any of those fields I mentioned! It'll be an honor to get experience before going to graduate school and eventually into the real world. #psychology # #clinical-psychology #criminology...

#student #internships

Mohammad A.’s Avatar
Mohammad A. Mar 16, 2017 862 views

Is work experience more valuable than educational background?

I am a graduate Electrical Engineering student with little to no experience in the engineering field outside of the classroom. Lately, I have been applying to jobs and receiving little to no interest from engineering companies due to lack of experience even for some entry-level jobs. That made...

#career #human-resources #recruiting #education #engineering

Kennedee B.’s Avatar
Kennedee B. Nov 19, 2020 138 views

How can I manage money better as a student?

I have always been about savings, but it seems harder now that I have more things to pay out-of-pocket....


Alex E.’s Avatar
Alex E. Jan 15, 2018 390 views

Best Scholarship Programs?

I am looking for scholarships right now and I am wondering what the best online resources are for finding great scholarship opportunities, preferably tailored more for my location and major. #scholarship #financial-aid...


Meredith G.’s Avatar
Meredith G. Oct 22, 2020 129 views

How can I make sexual health education into a career?

I'm a current senior in college, and I'm going to graduate in the spring with a major in Human Biology and a concentration in human reproduction and sexuality. I know plenty of people who educate others on sexual health, but that is just a small part of their job. I want my job to be...

#sexual-health #health #public-health #human-biology #education #counseling

Riley S.’s Avatar
Riley S. Aug 16, 2018 212 views

What are some good study habits to have when you are in college?

How can I improve my studying once I get to college....


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