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Calvin J. May 31, 2019 313 views
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Amanda T. Mar 10 76 views

Doing the volunteer work, do I go to college for this after I volunteer or do I start actual work immediately

I am a college student in international business college and vet tech. I am a little confused about my majoring in and like more of an idea to become a police investigator. I am a hard worker and like to ask questions. I have good social skills. #student...


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Randall C. Mar 24 54 views

How much does a Counselor make??

I have a B.A. #counseling in Biblical...

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summer B. Jun 12, 2019 76 views
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Hannah C. Mar 06, 2018 513 views

If I am looking at majoring in Marketing, how do I know which specific type is right for me?

I don't have time to take a class for every specific type of marketing major to give things a try, so how do I know which major to go with? #college-major...


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Faustin N. Jun 12, 2019 95 views
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jaylin Y. May 31, 2019 115 views
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Jesica W. Jun 26, 2019 85 views
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Cameron D. Jun 12, 2019 72 views

How do people advance in this field?

For examples cooking and getting a high position as a head chef....


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jaylin Y. May 31, 2019 109 views
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Michal B. Jun 12, 2019 89 views
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Michal B. Jun 12, 2019 68 views
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julianna P. Jun 12, 2019 159 views
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Samuel F. Aug 29, 2018 166 views

What types of jobs are the best to start getting experince?

I am getting ready to apply for my first job, I just want to know what places are the best to go, so I can get the best experience for my field. #anyone...


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Samuel F. Aug 29, 2018 264 views
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Ryan L. Aug 27, 2019 129 views

What is a good entry level job to start building work experience while on a Business Administration track?

I see myself as having the skills to be a strong leader in my professional future, but I want to start building the workplace experience to match and further develop those skills. What entry-level positions would give me relevant work experience that would be valued after completion of my...

#business #career

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jaylin Y. May 31, 2019 133 views

what are some steps I need to take.

#heavy equipment...

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keon R. Jun 26, 2019 97 views
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Sarah F. Jun 13, 2019 97 views

If I want to become a commercial airline pilot, what classes should I take in high school? Is it better to go to flight school or a 4yr college and major in aeronautics?

What classes would not only stand out in an application, but also help me in my classes in college if I go on to study aeronautics?...


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Noah S. May 26, 2016 589 views

What was the best way to save up for college last minute?

Need to save up $5000 over the summer and want to know the best way. #scholarships...


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