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Career Questions tagged Airline Industry

Mathias C.’s Avatar
Mathias C. Sep 14 66 views

What college degree do most pilots get?

I'm currently getting my private pilots licenses and I want to pursue being a pilot as a career. College is a must for me, but I would like to get more insight on what degree to get. aviation pilots college...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Aug 30 102 views

Aviation in the future

I am a student in the business administration track but has always been very passionate of becoming a pilot in the commercial stream May I know how the opportunities for becoming a pilot be in the future if I ever plan on becoming one ? aviation...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Aug 28 96 views

Pilot after BBA

I was a science student with Math , Physics and Chemistry as my main subjects in 11th and 12th but I had chosen BBA for my undergrad . Is there a possibility I can go to become a Commercial pilot after my BBA? pilot...


Dawson N.’s Avatar
Dawson N. Jun 24 91 views

I plan on going into the Navy for Aviation Mechanics I was just wondering the process of the entire endeavor

My name is Dawson Noll, I plan on going into the navy for aviation mechanics after my time at job corps learning auto mechanics along with diesel mechanics so I can have the best chance at attaining aviation mechanics for my MOA in the navy. aviation navy...


Erica B.’s Avatar
Erica B. Jun 02 103 views

How hard is it to become a flight attendant? What do I have to do

Ive always wanted to be an attorney but apart of me also wants to be a flight attendant or a nurse but how hard is it to be a flight attendant flightsttendent airline-industry...


Marco F.’s Avatar
Marco F. Jan 28 237 views

Is work as an entry level aerospace engineer hands-on and experimental or hands-off observational?

aerospace aviation engineer entrylevel aeronautical # airline-industry work handson stemcareers technology I am a high school junior, and I am really considering pursuing a degree/career in aerospace engineering. I love physics and math. I am just worried about how much I'll actually...

Aaron M.’s Avatar
Aaron M. Dec 03, 2020 131 views

How would i go about getting a job in carpentry

carpentry I want to become a carpenter but i airline-industry have a lot of training my future goal is to be a union...

Braden R.’s Avatar
Braden R. Oct 27, 2020 134 views

What is the daily life like of a pilot?

I realize that every one is different, and that every company is different, but in general how long are pilots away from home for? Do most of them pretty much live in hotels in different cities, or do they usually get to be home quite a bit? Also, about how long will it usually take to get a...


Taeshun T.’s Avatar
Taeshun T. Sep 04, 2020 126 views

What does a Aircraft engineer do everyday,

I am in the 10th grade and im interested in being a aircraft engineer...


Shannon M.’s Avatar
Shannon M. Aug 12, 2020 452 views

Is it possible to Job shadow a pilot while in 7th grade?

I really want to be a commercial pilot and I am 12, and it has always been a dream to become a pilot. I live in Johannesburg (close to OR Tambo International airport) and I really want to study aeronautics, aviation, and my favorite subject is Geography. pilot aviation student...

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Janki P.’s Avatar
Janki P. Jul 31, 2020 274 views

What are some great and important things to remember before applying for an Aerospace Engineering job?

My dream is to become an Aerospace Engineer because planes amazes me every single time. Everytime I see a plane, I wonder how it could lift off when it has 200 or 300 passengers, how it can travel for up to 24 hours without stopping, and etc. I been on planes multiple times and every time I go...

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Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 06, 2020 302 views

Can someone explain Med flight to me?

My best friend wants to be a Med flight person... he makes it seem so interesting. I support him all the way.. is it safe.. airline-industry...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 06, 2020 204 views

Can someone tell me about Med flight people?

My best friend wants to be a Med flight person... he makes it seem so interesting. I support him all the way.. is it safe.. airline-industry...


Dylan M.’s Avatar
Dylan M. Jan 27, 2020 395 views

Is it possible to Jon Shadow a airline pilot?

I have a assignment for my class to Jon shadow a career I plan on pursuing and I want to be a pilot my nearest airport is the Detroit metro airport. Any help appreciated! aviation airline-industry...


Lillian L.’s Avatar
Lillian L. Nov 14, 2019 224 views

What issues may I come across as a flight attendant?

I know that there is not a degree needed for becoming a flight attendant so I'd like to know any of the hardships I may face in this job airline-industry flight-attendant career travel...


Abongile M.’s Avatar
Abongile M. Nov 11, 2019 285 views

Can you tell me about the journey of becoming a pilot

I am a goal getter,talketive ,energetic ,focused ,l love challenges pilot...


Sammy N.’s Avatar
Sammy N. Sep 16, 2019 318 views

Does sales jobs in the airline industry require travel ?

Hi, I am thinking of studying marketing at university. I have thought of working at an airline in sales. Do they get to travel? If I got a corporate job doing sales for an airliner, I would be happy to travel a few times a year. marketing airline-industry sales business...