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Career Questions tagged Airline Industry

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 23 113 views

How can I work up to being a Air traffic controller?

I am very interested in being an air traffic controller, but I know it is very stressfull and difficult. What jobs could I do to better prepare myself for it, or expose myself to it to see if I even want to do it?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 14 203 views

Questions about being a flight attendant

What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring as a flight attendant?

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter a flight attendance?

What are the most effective strategies for a seeking position in flight attendance?

Michaelfelix’s Avatar
Michaelfelix Jan 30 106 views

What is the best way to build flight time as a commercial pilot besides being a flight instructor and how do you get the opportunities for other jobs?

I'm currently in the 11th grade and I have my private pilot license and am considering ATP Flight School for the rest of my training. Once I'm done there, I'd like to find a job besides instructing to build time.

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Jan 27 123 views

What kind of field do i need to work to be a airline engineer?

What education works better in this area?

granger’s Avatar
granger Jan 24 122 views

What skill sets are most important as an aircraft mechanic?

What skill sets are most important in your role?

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Jan 12 193 views

Would you recommend becoming a commercial pilot?

which aspects of your job is your favorite? Which aspects of your job do you not like?

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Dec 07, 2022 153 views

What would a normal shift for a flight attendant look like?

I have been interested in a ton of careers and jobs that are all pretty different and this is one of them. How many flights do you do in a day? What are the things you do for passengers while on a flight?

Austyn’s Avatar
Austyn Dec 06, 2022 224 views

How do you get started as a pilot ?

I know you have to take classes and training, but how do I get started with that? Who do I contact? Are there any recommended contacts/schools?

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Nov 06, 2022 180 views

How old do I have to be to be the manager of my own airline?

I want to start my own airline and become a pilot at the same time in South Africa

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Nov 02, 2022 319 views

How to start your piloting career?

At what age did you start your pilot career? Did you start in college, after college, or when you were younger? How did you start? What steps did you take? I want to get started as soon as possible.

justin’s Avatar
justin Sep 08, 2022 218 views

what is common about being an flight-engineer, that you wished you knew before jumping in this field?

How much schooling does it take to become a flight-engineer? And what should i suspect or try to get myself comfortable with? Is there a lot of math i should try getting used to?

Kristopher’s Avatar
Kristopher Jul 06, 2022 329 views

How is being a commercial pilot Questions.

1. Does it get scary at times? you feel safe while flying ?

3.How do pilots deal with stressful situations?

jake’s Avatar
jake Apr 28, 2022 179 views

What would be the best pathway to become an air traffic controller in Georgia?

I live in Georgia so I was wondering if their are any colleges in my state that would be good for this pathway.

kim’s Avatar
kim Nov 07, 2021 1381 views

What are the usual questions do interviewer ask you in applying a flight attendant job. thanks

My name is kim and i'm from davao city, I'm an aspiring flight attendant of cebu pacific pleased to meet you.
#aviation #airline-industry #job-application #interviews #CebuPacific
Can you please give me some interviewee question for Cebu Pacific flight attendant

Griffin’s Avatar
Griffin Sep 16, 2021 352 views

Are there ways to become a pilot without going into the military?

#pilot #aviation #airline-industry

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Sep 14, 2021 266 views

What college degree do most pilots get?

I'm currently getting my private pilots licenses and I want to pursue being a pilot as a career. College is a must for me, but I would like to get more insight on what degree to get.

#aviation #pilots #college #airline-industry

DD’s Avatar
DD Aug 30, 2021 411 views

Aviation in the future

I am a student in the business administration track but has always been very passionate of becoming a pilot in the commercial stream
May I know how the opportunities for becoming a pilot be in the future if I ever plan on becoming one ? #aviation #airline-industry

DD’s Avatar
DD Aug 28, 2021 499 views

Pilot after BBA

I was a science student with Math , Physics and Chemistry as my main subjects in 11th and 12th but I had chosen BBA for my undergrad . Is there a possibility I can go to become a Commercial pilot after my BBA? #pilot #airline-industry

Echelle’s Avatar
Echelle Jul 07, 2021 2402 views

what are the interview questions when you are a flight attendant

how? #interviews #airline-industry #career #job-application #experience

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jun 28, 2021 1689 views

What steps do I need to become a flight attendant

I’m in 10th grade love to travel and explore #airline-industry #travel

Dawson’s Avatar
Dawson Jun 24, 2021 286 views

I plan on going into the Navy for Aviation Mechanics I was just wondering the process of the entire endeavor

My name is Dawson Noll, I plan on going into the navy for aviation mechanics after my time at job corps learning auto mechanics along with diesel mechanics so I can have the best chance at attaining aviation mechanics for my MOA in the navy. #aviation #navy #airline-industry

nosisa’s Avatar
nosisa Jun 22, 2021 1090 views

how many years do i have to study to become a pilot

#pilot #airline-industry #teaching #any #aviation

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jun 02, 2021 309 views

How hard is it to become a flight attendant? What do I have to do

Ive always wanted to be an attorney but apart of me also wants to be a flight attendant or a nurse but how hard is it to be a flight attendant #flightsttendent #airline-industry #work

helarie’s Avatar
helarie Apr 09, 2021 326 views

what is interesting to be come a flight attendant

#aviation #job-search #airline-industry

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Mar 19, 2021 723 views

Would ATP flight school be good to go to for becoming a commercial pilot?

#pilot #aviation #airline-industry

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jan 28, 2021 549 views

Is work as an entry level aerospace engineer hands-on and experimental or hands-off observational?

#aerospace #aviation #engineer #entrylevel #aeronautical # #airline-industry #work #handson #stemcareers #technology I am a high school junior, and I am really considering pursuing a degree/career in aerospace engineering. I love physics and math. I am just worried about how much I'll actually...

Edmark’s Avatar
Edmark Jan 09, 2021 602 views

How to be flight attendant

#flight-attendant #airline-industry #aviation-industry

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Dec 03, 2020 356 views

How would i go about getting a job in carpentry

#carpentry I want to become a carpenter but i #airline-industry have a lot of training my future goal is to be a union carpenter

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Oct 27, 2020 336 views

What is the daily life like of a pilot?

I realize that every one is different, and that every company is different, but in general how long are pilots away from home for? Do most of them pretty much live in hotels in different cities, or do they usually get to be home quite a bit? Also, about how long will it usually take to get a...

Taeshun’s Avatar
Taeshun Sep 04, 2020 290 views

What does a Aircraft engineer do everyday,

I am in the 10th grade and im interested in being a aircraft engineer #airline-industry