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Career Questions tagged Aircraft Mechanic

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granger Jan 24 65 views

What skill sets are most important as an aircraft mechanic?

What skill sets are most important in your role?

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Ahuna Feb 23, 2020 343 views

I want to ask that can a technical maths and technical science qualify to do aircraft mechanics

#career #aircraft-mechanic #mechanic

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Neilson Nov 23, 2017 823 views

If you are an Aircraft mechanic can you fly planes?

I am asking this question because i want to go in the #aviation field of aircraft #mechanic and i love the idea of #flying #planes too. #aircraft-mechanic #general-aviation

Shriram’s Avatar
Shriram Aug 11, 2017 904 views

Iam Mechanical Engineering graduate.As a Fresher ,I have been selected for Aircraft maintenance department by a local airline.

#aircraft-maintenance,#airline-industry,#aircraft-mechanic,#aircraft Iam new to this field and need some guidance on carrer on a Aircraft maintenance. will be the Growth and scope? it will be rewarding over time (both Experience and Financial)? 3.what are the extra curriculars to...

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Paul Mar 08, 2017 1922 views

I'm interested in becoming a Aircraft Mechanic but there are a few things holding me back

As title states.. So i'm really interested and excited going into this unique field. I've read some other people's experience about the job but what really concerns is the part of the night shifts and relocating. I don't mind doing night shifts in the early career but around how long does it...

Brent’s Avatar
Brent Mar 08, 2016 7768 views

What would I study in school to become an aircraft mechanic?

What subjects should I be good at if I want to be an aircraft mechanic? Is there a lot of math or can I be successful even if I'm not good at math? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #aircraft-mechanic