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Iam Mechanical Engineering graduate.As a Fresher ,I have been selected for Aircraft maintenance department by a local airline.


Iam new to this field and need some guidance on carrer on a Aircraft maintenance. will be the Growth and scope? it will be rewarding over time (both Experience and Financial)?
3.what are the extra curriculars to focus on(i.e Certifications,courses)
4.iam from india.can i expect foreign opportunities around the globe?

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3 answers

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Namjun’s Answer

Hi Shriram,

I have graduated with an aerospace degree and have been in mechanical engineering ever since.

I will try to answer your questions from my perspective and personal experience.

1. Considering it is a local commercial airline, you will most likely maintain the position for couple years (3-4 years) as long as you are satisfied. It is a great way to get a hands-on experience but it would be completely dependent upon what position you were given. Also, you would be much better off being involved in wide variety of sections rather than focusing on one field. Your future employers, especially in aerospace field, will value someone with wide variety of maintenance skills a lot more.

2. Short answer is yes and its because hands-on experience is critical for engineers. An engineer without a hands-on experience is not valued as much than their counterpart. Financially, it will not be as benefiting for long period for your pay will be very stagnant.

3. If you are already hired, is there any particular reason for taking courses? Chances are, the training will be offered at by the company.

4. I could not be certain of other countries but in case of United States, aerospace field is strictly limited to those with US citizenship due to ITAR(Iternational Traffic in Arms Regulations). If you are willing to work in aerospace field, you could start working for aerospace company in India and under the contract, you will work on behalf of your company with company from US or anywhere else.

My answer for #3 might not have answered your question but if you could clarify more, I would love to answer with better details!


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Wayne’s Answer

In answer to your question 4 a non- US Citizen can get hired by a US Airline, as long as you have a permit to legally work in the United States and you can pass the 10 year background check. The background check is required for all applicants.
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Aftab’s Answer

1. Air travel is the fastest growing mode of travel and opportunities will keep opening each year. So your occupational future is the future of the travel industry.
2. You can safely expect to make much above average salaries and compensation but you may like to get certification and license in the field of Airframe or Engine or power plant.
3. You will need patience, focus and hard work to work your way up the ladder of this profession and you will be rewarded more than your expectation.
4. Middle Eastern Airlines will always need licensed and certified aviation professional because they do not have local qualified population.
Good luck