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Is there bright future by doing Aeronautical Engineering Degree?

Asked Hyderabad, Telangana, India

I am interested in Aeronautics. #engineer #aviation #airline-industry #aerospace #aeronautics

4 answers

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

The growth for aerospace and aeronautical engineers in the states is -2%. I am sorry!


Mark’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Aerospace engineering careers have their ups and downs. When demand is up it is great and when demand is down you may be looking for other work. I graduated in Aerospace Engineering in 1972. Demand was weak, but the students with excellent grades or summer internships diid not have trouble finding good jobs.

My second son graduated in mechanical engineering in 1996 and he found a job with Rockwell Collins doing test work on Aerospace equipment - avionics in particular.

My thinking now is that Electrical Engineers and Computer engineers might find more jobs available in Aerospace, but if you want the Aero degree then go for it. Realize that Aerospace disciplines include structures, material science, electrical, propulsion and more. Astronautics is an offshoot that is viable now also... SpaceEx will have a growing need for such engineers. It also appears that NASA may get re-vitalized and that would be a big plus for you.

Generally speaking, the Aerospace Engineering degree will be a good jumping off point. PLAN ON TAKING the Engineer In Training test and as soon as possible get your Professional Engineer credential. Now THAT will open many doors.

Alain’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

There is a lot of demand particulalrly pilots and maintenance in the airline industry as the global travel by air continue to increase in the next 10 years. Every single aircraft put into service requires personnel to operate and maintain its airworthiness condition. However the aeronautical engineers demand will be stagnant as engineering support services is complemented by aircraft manufacturers, the advanced of Information Technology and Automation. It would be wiser to take an Aircraft Maintenance Technology as the repair and maintenance of this additional aircraft is done by Airline and MRO's mechanic.

Aftab’s Answer

Updated Torrance, California

I am an undergraduate in Electical Engineering but the airline I joined put me through extensive and concentrated classroom and hangar training on Aircraft Airframe systems, Basic Gas Turbine and Turbo fan engines, Theory of Flight, Avionics for period of two years. The field of Aeronautical Engineering is truly amazing and intriguing when you find how basic principles of Physics are used to design and build these wonderful flying machines. The field of Aeronautical engineering will take you to more exciting field of Aerospace Engineering which is about development of aircraft and spacecraft. Space is the next frontier and expanding faster than we think. I think that success in this field will require you to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in best schools in US and then the doors will real open for you in the top defense and space compsnies.