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For an undergrad freshmen students, how can they get internships in their related fields. Is it possible to get internship in the first year without any experience or broad knowledge?

Asked San Mateo, California

I am an engineering student who want to make career in aeronautical engineering. I want to make my base strong and know as much as i can but the problem is i don't have much knowledge in this field. Also, i have heard we can get experience and practical knowledge from internships. #mechanical-engineering #aviation #aerospace #aeronautics

4 answers

Skyler’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Amit! When you are a freshman, the truth is that it is more difficult to get an internship, but not impossible. Focus on building your professional network, you might be able to get more visibility and increase your chances through family, friends, or professionals who are willing to vouch for you and your character. LinkedIn is a great resource to make use of starting early in your collegiate career for network building: https://www.linkedin.com

And if you don't get an internship in your field of aeronautics, don't languish! If you aren't taking summer classes, find the best summer-job you can in terms of gaining technical experience and for personal growth. Work experience, even outside of engineering, will look good on your resume and improve your chances of getting an internship in the future!

Also, I highly encourage you to be involved in extra-curricular opportunities for teamwork and leadership, i.e. student organizations, undergraduate research projects and competition teams, or engineering societies. Become an ACTIVE member and try to get elected for officer positions, and dedicate yourself to the betterment of the team or organization. That is gold on resumes when we are looking for interns OR when looking for full-time offers for new graduates. Check out: https://www.aiaa.org/ and http://www.sae.org/aerospace/ as a place to get started digging into the field.

And yes, as you have heard, the very best way to gain experience and practical knowledge in your field of engineering is to get an appropriate engineering internship or coop before you graduate.

As you continue in your undergraduate studies, you'll find that your chances of gaining an internship in your specific field improve, but only when you put in the hard-work. Best of luck!


Sam’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hello Amit,

In addition to John's advice above, I would recommend talking to your university's coop/internship office. Within the college of engineering at my university, there was such an office that had partnerships with many local businesses. I had to meet certain requirements to participate in the program, but they told me what the requirements were and they were very straight forward. I would suggest that you investigate this because it was a great experience for me.


John’s Answer

Updated California, California

What a great choice of study. Good luck with such an interesting and fascinating field of study. It will take you a long ways, maybe even to Mars.

There are always many resources available to help you in your journey. Internships are available to those studying in that field of expertise. Some helpful resources would be the results of the searches "Aeronautics Internship" and "NASA Internship" on Google:






Richard’s Answer

Updated California, California

It is very difficult to get an internship when you are a freshmen or sophomore. You need to prepare or work on some projects that you can share your experience during your interview. During your early stages of your college you are actually building your experience by getting comfortable with different technologies, learning to code, and learning various building blocks of computer science. It is very difficult to get into such an early stage for internship. However everyone is different, and there would some candidates with extremely talented skills who might find internship in early phase of their career. Your final year of your degree program would be the perfect time to join an internship or a co-op position as you will have a good understanding of various technologies, as well as you will have a good background in various topics of computer science.