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Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 29, 2023 482 views

How can I better prepare myself for the questions that are likely to be asked in my first interview and start building a repertoire of eligibility requirements for the engineering field, especially catering towards robotics/mechanical engineering?

I am a part of an FRC team (we recently went to the World Championship :)
I am a junior in high school
I am a part of a VEX team where we made it to states.
I would love to pursue a career in engineering, especially relating to mechanical or robotics design.

Logan’s Avatar
Logan May 17, 2022 561 views

What is a average day for a Mechanical Engineer like?

Just some information of how someone in the field would do on daily basis.

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton May 05, 2022 793 views

How hard is it to find a Engineering job straight out of College/University ?

How hard will it be to get a Engineering Job after College/ University after 4 years ?

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton May 05, 2022 645 views

What do Mechanical Engineers do in their job and how does the planning process go to create something ?

How long do Mechanical Engineers take to create a plan to create an object or etc. ?

Logan’s Avatar
Logan May 05, 2022 385 views

How much schooling would you have to do for an average job in Mechanical Engineering.

I'm just curious on how much I would need to take, so if it doesn't take too long to get a higher level in the field that'd be great?

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 31, 2018 629 views

What is it like seeing a car you've designed being both tested and then in the future, sold and driven?

Is it a feeling of excitement or rather a feeling of worry that something could go wrong in the car then you're to blame? #automotive #mechanical-engineering #cars

Aalijah’s Avatar
Aalijah Apr 27, 2018 950 views

What courses should I take?

I am going to college two years early and I now know what I want to major in. I want to major in Mechanical Engineering and minor or double major in Music. But, I don’t know which courses I should take to meet my high school graduation requirement and follow the career pathway of each major....

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Feb 18, 2018 947 views

Do I need my PE for the manufacturing industry?

As a junior mechanical engineering student interested in the manufacturing industry, do I need my PE for this industry? I plan on taking my FE exam during my senior year and I'm just curious. Thank you! #mechanical #electro-mechanical #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering...

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Feb 18, 2018 2044 views

When should I apply for a job when graduation is close?

As a mechanical engineering student, or just a student in general, whose going to graduate a year from now, I'd like to know, when is the best time to apply for jobs? Before graduation? #college-job ##college #college-jobs #after-college #after-college #after-graduation #after #careers #career...

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Feb 13, 2018 1606 views

How can I become a manufacturing engineer with a mechanical engineering degree?

Hi, I'm currently a junior level mechanical engineering student with an interest in manufacturing because I've been reading a few magazines about it (Automation World, Pro Food World, etc if anyone's familiar) but I'm still trying to figure out the skills and education that I need for the...

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jan 23, 2018 864 views

How can I make friends in college?

I'm moving to a new place and I won't know anyone. What can I do to make new friends and companions? #friends #college

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 20, 2018 1017 views

What if your dream job doesn't turn out to be a dream?

I am in my second year of college, and I still don't know what career path I would like to go down. I have several things that I am passionate about (music, animals, art, psychology, public relations, etc.), but I am worried that if I choose one, it will be the wrong one. I'm afraid of entering...

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Jan 16, 2018 693 views

When is the optimum time to declare a major?

How do you know that you're not rushing into anything and might end up picking something that you'll regret later? Is it really that big a deal for you to change your major and spend a little extra time in college? I feel like it's possible to not get your major choice completely right the...

Emma Constance’s Avatar
Emma Constance Jan 23, 2018 640 views

I’m leaving home for college in August, and am worried about making friends, fitting in, doing well in school, and surviving on my own. What should I focus on and prioritize?

I want to start college on the right foot. #college-advice #college-bound

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Jan 23, 2018 688 views

Which will be more important in the next 10 years: business or engineering?

I aspire to study both business and engineering when I go to college, but I am at a crossroads as to which to focus more heavily on. Should I find a five year program where I receive a Bachelors of Science and my MBA? #business #engineering #buildingandselling