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Career Questions tagged Automotive

Omari S.’s Avatar
Omari S. Jun 16 72 views

What Advice Would You Give To a Teen Who Is Starting to Have an Interest in Computer Science and Automotive?

Hello! As a child I have always had a passion for cars, which is still reigning now, but I have down this newfound love for CS. What advice would you give someone who is willing to a career in these sectors, and is there any resources that I can use to help gain further knowledge about them?

Kalyani C.’s Avatar
Kalyani C. Jun 10 59 views

Should I go for Automobile Design?

I have completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and I currently am joining a reputed Automobile company, in India. I really wish to pursue a Masters's degree and want to go in a Design field as I like the design process. I've recently developed an interest in gaming and I'm very much...

jacob D.’s Avatar
jacob D. May 30 53 views

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

Leviticus W.’s Avatar
Leviticus W. May 26 106 views

One career goal of mine is to run my own tech repair shop.

I think i could achieve this goal within the next few years.

Richard S.’s Avatar
Richard S. Apr 19 195 views

What are the most important requirements to enter this field?

Being hands on is important, but what are the educational and physical skills required?

lorenzo W.’s Avatar
lorenzo W. Apr 12 150 views

As an auto mechanic what is the biggest obstacle you'll face and the best way to face it

I also want to own a shop in the near future

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Ella P. Mar 25 97 views

If I am looking at aerospace engineering should I take automotive college classes?

I am a Junior in high school looking to take as many college classes as I can for as little money as possible. I am wondering if this class would be worth my time or not.

Alyssa H.’s Avatar
Alyssa H. Mar 16 88 views

What Kind of problems do you mainly run into throughout a work week?

My name is Alyssa I am curious to find out what accident repairs are dealt with the most when working in a collision repair shop and how its handled on busy days.

Arath R.’s Avatar
Arath R. Feb 02 86 views

How much money do you need to put down to build a proper tool set?

How much do you have to expect to drop on tools, and is it possible without going into debt as a starting tech?
#automotive #tools #SnapOn #Matco #ASE #Cars #Mechanics #Automotive-Technician

Arath R.’s Avatar
Arath R. Feb 02 104 views

What is your view on the negativity mechanics get?

Often the stereotype of the crooked mechanic falls into someones head, but i wanted to know how often does it happen and how does it affect the morale of your shop?
#automotive #cars #ASE #Mechanic #tools

Arath R.’s Avatar
Arath R. Feb 02 113 views

How competitive is the automotive field?

I've been told that starting techs can be received with hostility by older techs because it's a competitive field. Is this true? #Automotive #ASE #Cars #Tools

Lawrence M.’s Avatar
Lawrence M. Feb 02 73 views

What are the best type of mechanic shops to work in?

I want to be able to work in dealerships or small auto shops #automotive

Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 25 104 views

Why Automotive?

to all those in the Automotive industry, what made you choose auto? #automotive

Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 25 135 views

Where's the best place to earn a bachelors degree in automotive engineering?

I would like to know whats the best place for me to get educated in this line of work #automotive

Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 25 108 views

What is it like to be an Automotive Engineer?

I'm looking into becoming an Automotive Engineer as my ultimate career goal and i would like to see what i'm going into before i start my path. #automotive

Andres M.’s Avatar
Andres M. Dec 15, 2021 150 views

what makes a resume impressive in your field ?

i like to talk and also watch before i do the work
#automotive #mechinac #autoengineering

Jake F.’s Avatar
Jake F. Sep 29, 2021 282 views

What kind of stuff can I learn from an automotive class?

I'd love to have my own #auto shop one day and I love sports #sports #engineer #automotive #mechanic #cars

xavier B.’s Avatar
xavier B. Sep 17, 2021 189 views

how did you start to know that the job you picked would have been a great opportunity or a well loved job?

#career #automotive #auto mechanics

Karen R.’s Avatar
Karen R. Jul 09, 2021 178 views

What are some topics or points should i pay attention to in the automotive education field?

Im 24years old Married woman in Deming New Mexico. Closest major city to me is El Paso TX. I am currently attending job corps for a career interest in the #automotive field.

tyler R.’s Avatar
tyler R. Apr 22, 2021 363 views

how much does a car mechanic get payed

#automotive #cars

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Hamid M. Feb 06, 2021 285 views

what is photosyinthesis

plz tell me #career #automotive

James S.’s Avatar
James S. Nov 14, 2020 326 views

Does anyone work for Respecta Car?

Planning my apprentice work in Montenegro, in the Respecta Car company - It's a leading car rental service in Montenegro. I have good connection, my friend worked one year in Montenegro. He had a very good experience. #work #cars #automotive

sam S.’s Avatar
sam S. Oct 24, 2020 288 views

Structural Engineering and Automotive industry

Hello , I'm in my first year studying civil and structural engineering and I'm interested in automotive industry so I want to know if the structural engineers is needed in this field and if so , what are the essentials I need to have ? #Structural-engineering #Cars #automotive

Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 22, 2020 299 views

What career best fits my strengths and hobbies?

I'm a senior in high school and would like a future career as an auto-mechanic. My two strongest strengths are: I never give up and I am a problem solver. My hobbies are working and playing problem solving games. Given my strengths and hobbies what kind of career best fits me? What other...

Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 09, 2020 436 views

What's it like a day in the life of an Auto Mechanic?

I am looking forward to a career as an auto mechanic and would like to know the daily obstacles a mechanic goes through. The pros and cons of being a mechanic.

#automotive #mechanic #day-in-the-life #day #obstacles

Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 06, 2020 326 views

What should be my first step once I graduate high school if I want to get into the automotive industry?

I'm a senior in high school and really want to be a mechanic. I want to be able to diagnose a vehicles problem and be able to fix it.
#automotive #mechanic #cars #steps #high-school #trucks

Connor K.’s Avatar
Connor K. Aug 27, 2020 255 views

What are the best classes for becoming a diesel mechanic?

I am a junior in high school I have been looking into what it would take to become a certified diesel mechanic.

jason R.’s Avatar
jason R. Jun 05, 2020 301 views

what is the differnce between master mechanics and mechanical engineer?

# master-mechanics #automotive

Domenica V.’s Avatar
Domenica V. May 14, 2020 568 views

How have you been able to accomplish what you have thus far?

I'm getting certifications for both construction and auto mechanics and I want to open my business for either or.
#business #construction #automotive

Domenica V.’s Avatar
Domenica V. May 14, 2020 1046 views

How can you determine what career is best for you?

Building things and finding solutions to problems are things I like as well as being able to help people. I plan on opening a business whether it is in auto mechanics or construction.
#construction #business #automotive #career