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Career Questions tagged Automotive

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Ryan Sep 26 17 views

What certification do I need to be a mechanic ?

What certification do I need to be a mechanic a

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juan Sep 08 45 views

what to encounter?

what will I encounter as a mechanic in my career?

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juan Sep 07 135 views

what to do to become a mechanic?

what will it take to become a mechanic ? what skills do I need? and what will I benefit from working under a compony?

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Alex Aug 29 99 views

Different Shop Experiences

What is a dealership shop like compared to a smaller second-hand shop? What certifications are recommended for working in a dealership shop?

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Alex Aug 29 68 views

What tools and equipment are worth spending money on and what tools would you have bought first with the experience you have now

Tool advice

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Tristan Aug 26 108 views

What is one of the best schools for diesel mechanics in Iowa?

I want to become a diesel mechanic

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Halle Aug 26 153 views

What certifications would make it easier to get a job in the automotive industry?

Is iCar a good program?

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Mason Aug 26 182 views

what is the daily worklife of a mechanic?

what is the daily worklife of a mechanic consist of, is it alot of the same thing everyday, or dose it vary quite a bit?

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Halle Aug 26 166 views

Where would be a good place to go to school for auto body?

I can't decide if school is best for me, or if I could just go straight into the work force.

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Isabella Aug 26 77 views

What are the working conditions like in automotive?

interested in mechanics

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Isabella Aug 26 63 views

What's it like to work in and Autoshop?

interested in automotive

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Isabella Aug 26 75 views

What jobs are there in Automotive repair?

I wanna be a mechanic and learn my trade, I would appreciate some advice and even some tips

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Wilson Jul 20 91 views

What are some challenges I may face in an Automotive Career?

Pro and Cons or just Challenges in being a mechanic thank you!

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Wilson Jul 20 92 views

After basic's in the Automotive trade, what are some good steps into becoming a better mechanic?

Hello my name is Wilson, I'm doing basics right now for the automotive trade and I am wondering what would be some great next steps into becoming a Master Mechanic.
Thank You!

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Omari Jun 16 261 views

What Advice Would You Give To a Teen Who Is Starting to Have an Interest in Computer Science and Automotive?

Hello! As a child I have always had a passion for cars, which is still reigning now, but I have down this newfound love for CS. What advice would you give someone who is willing to a career in these sectors, and is there any resources that I can use to help gain further knowledge about them?

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Kalyani Jun 10 219 views

Should I go for Automobile Design?

I have completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and I currently am joining a reputed Automobile company, in India. I really wish to pursue a Masters's degree and want to go in a Design field as I like the design process. I've recently developed an interest in gaming and I'm very much...

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jacob May 30 102 views

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

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Leviticus May 26 170 views

One career goal of mine is to run my own tech repair shop.

I think i could achieve this goal within the next few years.

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Richard Apr 19 237 views

What are the most important requirements to enter this field?

Being hands on is important, but what are the educational and physical skills required?

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lorenzo Apr 12 221 views

As an auto mechanic what is the biggest obstacle you'll face and the best way to face it

I also want to own a shop in the near future

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Ella Mar 25 126 views

If I am looking at aerospace engineering should I take automotive college classes?

I am a Junior in high school looking to take as many college classes as I can for as little money as possible. I am wondering if this class would be worth my time or not.

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Alyssa Mar 16 128 views

What Kind of problems do you mainly run into throughout a work week?

My name is Alyssa I am curious to find out what accident repairs are dealt with the most when working in a collision repair shop and how its handled on busy days.

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Arath Feb 02 141 views

How much money do you need to put down to build a proper tool set?

How much do you have to expect to drop on tools, and is it possible without going into debt as a starting tech?
#automotive #tools #SnapOn #Matco #ASE #Cars #Mechanics #Automotive-Technician

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Arath Feb 02 141 views

What is your view on the negativity mechanics get?

Often the stereotype of the crooked mechanic falls into someones head, but i wanted to know how often does it happen and how does it affect the morale of your shop?
#automotive #cars #ASE #Mechanic #tools

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Arath Feb 02 151 views

How competitive is the automotive field?

I've been told that starting techs can be received with hostility by older techs because it's a competitive field. Is this true? #Automotive #ASE #Cars #Tools

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Lawrence Feb 02 120 views

What are the best type of mechanic shops to work in?

I want to be able to work in dealerships or small auto shops #automotive

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Michael Jan 25 135 views

Why Automotive?

to all those in the Automotive industry, what made you choose auto? #automotive

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Michael Jan 25 196 views

Where's the best place to earn a bachelors degree in automotive engineering?

I would like to know whats the best place for me to get educated in this line of work #automotive

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Michael Jan 25 159 views

What is it like to be an Automotive Engineer?

I'm looking into becoming an Automotive Engineer as my ultimate career goal and i would like to see what i'm going into before i start my path. #automotive

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Andres Dec 15, 2021 193 views

what makes a resume impressive in your field ?

i like to talk and also watch before i do the work
#automotive #mechinac #autoengineering