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Career Questions tagged Nascar

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Joseph Jul 25 90 views

what im wondering what the male to female ratio is in the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) world and what is a way to keep the race world alive

what is the ratios

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Joseph Jul 25 100 views

NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) employees: what are some of the things that you enjoy and some thang you don't enjoy

in the NHRA somthing that you enjoy and some you personally you what to see improved

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Joseph Jul 25 59 views

I'm a student at job corps and we are researching trades we are interested in. The trade I'm interested in is working on the fuel car and the funny car so my question is where do I start and if possible, maybe race the cars in the future?

i have always been interested in the drag racing seen sens I was little so the main question is who do I contact to try and get into the nhra world

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Saundra Dec 08, 2020 413 views

What is the best racing school to attend in order to be a NASCAR driver?

I like NASCAR. One of my many dreams is to be a NASCAR driver.

#NASCAR #Racing

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Tanner Oct 29, 2020 266 views

What careers are available for NASCAR teams or the industry?

I like NASCAR and all aspects of it. I would be interested in getting involved in some way with NASCAR and auto racing. #NASCAR #engineer #autoracing

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Eugenio Mar 06, 2020 405 views

Is collage or a secondary degree necessary for a job in the automotive fields. If yes please state what jobs, degrees, and why that is needed.

#automotive #cars #turbos #NASCAR

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Patrick Jan 23, 2018 603 views

How long is NASCAR Academy ? #NASCAR

how many years does it take to get through NASCAR Academy? #NASCAR

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Breanna Sep 02, 2015 9620 views

How long do you have to go to school to be a professional NASCAR driver?

i want to know #sports #nascar

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Breanna Sep 02, 2015 851 views

How much do NASCAR Drivers make ?

i want to know #driver #nascar