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Career Questions tagged Painting

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Nov 04 124 views

how can i get better at art?

how can i get better at designing and painting fine art and becoming a artist

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Kobe Nov 01 65 views

What is the salary of a painter?

Salary of a Painter?

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Nov 01 75 views

how it is as being a painter and how much painters get paid?

An average work day as a painter

Tyzeric’s Avatar
Tyzeric Nov 01 79 views

How does a painter start their job

I am inside of a trade school right now trying to figure out how does painter start their job off

Tyzeric’s Avatar
Tyzeric Nov 01 89 views

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

Tyzeric’s Avatar
Tyzeric Nov 01 76 views

what is the paycheck a week for a painter?

is the paycheck a week for a painter?

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Oct 10 132 views

How can I become a successful artist?

how can I become a successful freelance artist starting at 14 years old and should I promote my art on social media

Hasaan’s Avatar
Hasaan Oct 02 53 views

How do I go about finding the right job What would be the best approach and what tips and advice would be helpful for me to find a good career as a union painter??

I am in an alternative school working towards my diploma and am trying to work towards getting my drivers license.

Mahala’s Avatar
Mahala Sep 01 275 views

Where can I sell my art?

I want to sell prints and paintings

Cyril’s Avatar
Cyril Aug 31 200 views

How do i choose the right career path?

I have thought about making a small business and selling stuff related to art and craft type things but im into makeup and art but..will support me financially is the issue so idk

Jeffreyj’s Avatar
Jeffreyj Aug 23 238 views

When is a good time to hire a rep or publicist or rep ? How do you go about finding one worth their salt?

Hi, I'm looking to get in more galleries with my work. I've had luck with my rep in NY, they even took my work to Art Miami ( Basel week), but really need more locations to sell. In-person viewing is really the only way i sell art. I'm looking for advice on where to find a coach or rep, or...

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jul 09 143 views

how would someone at my age become involved into house design and remodeling if they do not have many real chances to help remodel/design a layout of a house?

I live out in a small, rural community in Ohio, and other than helping my parents out redesigning a room, I do not have many chances to do other things surrounding that field.

Yohana’s Avatar
Yohana Jun 05 202 views

How can I be a successful painter ?

How much money do earn painters?

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy May 16 207 views

Those that are construction managers, what vehicle do y'all own?

How many vehicles do you own?

ina’s Avatar
ina May 15 134 views

What was your favorite and least favorite thing about fine arts?

I want all the details about the major.

Rei’s Avatar
Rei Apr 29 133 views

What are some beginner tips with watercolor?

I want to get into watercolor and I'm curious about how I should start. I have the materials, but I do not know how to blend or etc., or anything in that matter when it comes to this style of painting.

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Apr 20 198 views

How do you find inspirations/ideas?

I often feel like drawing but don't know what to draw

aurora’s Avatar
aurora Apr 03 241 views

How do i know i want to go into art??

I love art but what if i get burned out? its a fun hobby but being FORCED to do it might take the fun away?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 03 243 views

How could I get better in drawing?

I am currently a senior in high school and planning to major in art in college, but most of my skills now are learned by watching tutorials online, what are some tips to get better?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 03 231 views

How much schooling do I need to become an artist?

I am currently a senior in high school, what are some good art colleges and what degree would becoming an artist need?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 01 453 views

construction manager

what does construction manager do in the construction site building ground

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 30 305 views

What are some difficulties when it comes to making art?

I'm in 11th grade and I've been interested in working as an artist since 7th grade but want to know what difficulties I might face if I do become an artist. I do all kinds of art, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing.

Demarrion’s Avatar
Demarrion Nov 03, 2022 450 views

Painting careers?

What are some steps I can do to become a painter?

savannah’s Avatar
savannah Oct 26, 2022 490 views

what is a good paying art field that's not to0 stressful?

Where should i start in my career path? I've gotten into my college of choice though I'm worried I won't like it

jeremiah’s Avatar
jeremiah Oct 13, 2021 334 views

how to start a painting company?

#entrepreneur #painting

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Aug 04, 2021 350 views

So besides learning the trade of painting at Job corps, which I am currently pursuing. What other types of training and schooling should I complete if I want to be successful in life as a painter?

#Painting #Schooling-and-training #career

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Aug 04, 2021 357 views

I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in painting. ANd I was curious on how that profession might change your life? Or how has it been different since going into that field?

#Painting #Life-Changes #career

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jul 26, 2021 321 views

What are some of the duties of a residential, commercial, industrial painter?

I am interested in the painting trade because I like painting and the construction of houses. At one point I think I wanted to be a real estate agent but I noticed I wanted to do the hands on stuff. I know I'll probably have to get some more certifications. I want to be a jack of all trades...

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Mar 15, 2021 588 views

What's the hardest part of being an artist?

#artist #painting

Kayley’s Avatar
Kayley Oct 27, 2020 463 views

What is the best program to learn how to draw digitally?

I want to be a concept artist/illustrator, and I have little digital art skills. I want to use Procreate, since I've used it before and it's the most accessible for me. But I was wondering if programs like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint are better. #art #artist #art-education #the-arts...