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Career Questions tagged Trade

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Feb 17 162 views

Is going to trade school really worth it? What career field would be best for someone who is neurodivergent?

Im not going to college and will most likely end up having to work nonstop manual labor my whole life, so I want to know some positives and negatives.

marcell’s Avatar
marcell Jan 11 101 views

what are the benefits of being a cement mason in the union?

If i were to be a cement mason, how would be able to join the cement union and what are the necessary steps that i would have to even take to do so for this trade?

vance’s Avatar
vance Jan 11 106 views

What are the benefits of glazing?

what do you get out of it ?

Kenjie’s Avatar
Kenjie Jan 11 131 views

How is the work environment like in glazing?

I'm interested in glass installation

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Dec 09, 2022 139 views

What is the life of a Welder like?

Hello! Currently, I'm a college freshman. I'm already have a major/program of study. However, I'm exploring other careers and I saw someone suggested Welder. Being completely unfamiliar with this field: - What is it like to work as a Welder? - What skills does someone learn starting off new...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Dec 06, 2022 288 views

Electrical: What kinds of projects do interns & entry level hires get involved in?

I am a currently enrolled student in Job Corp, I am planning on going into the electrical trade and would love to hear from the perspective of someone who follows into that career.

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Nov 19, 2022 518 views

Resume for Electrical Apprenticeship

How would I format a resume for an electrical apprenticeship? What will the foreman/hiring manager be looking for and how much time do they spend processing through candidates (like how long should it be so I can make a good impression)?

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Nov 02, 2022 206 views

How can I be a lineman?

I am a junior in high school and I want to get into some sort of trade. Right now I have my eyes set on being a lineman. How do I get into being a lineman? What options are there other than an apprenticeship?

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Aug 26, 2022 179 views

For Traveling Welders is the money worth not being home all the time?

Is the money worth not being home all the time?

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Aug 26, 2022 165 views

Would you suggest going to trade school or straight too the industry?

Welding School?

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Aug 31, 2021 274 views

Is rehabilitation technician a good trade?

#job #trade #career

Kevon’s Avatar
Kevon Aug 26, 2021 463 views

What is a regular day like for workers in carpentry?

I am trying to learn the trade carpentry and I am just seeking out information. #job #carpentry #carpenter #trade #trade-school

david’s Avatar
david Aug 05, 2021 402 views

What is the average working conditions for carpentry?

i am a job corp student looking for the right career for me #carpentry #job #carpenter #career #career-path #trade #trade-school #craft

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Mar 09, 2021 238 views

Do all trades usually have the same pay or are some better than others?

I was thinking about going to trade school after the military #trade

marquise’s Avatar
marquise Feb 26, 2021 205 views

on how to be a plummer

do you have to do training to be a plummer and is it alot of work #plummer #trade

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jan 28, 2020 403 views

How to avoid doubting myself in my schooling/learning of a new trade?

Starting a tech program brings a lot of doubts about, Can I do this? What if I burn myself out too quickly? Is this the right choice for me? What are some ways to avoid doubting myself in my choices and avoiding my indecisiveness? #trade-program #trade #schooling #second-thoughts #welding...

Kawika’s Avatar
Kawika Nov 18, 2019 379 views

What is the Pros and Cons of becoming a painter? Also what benefits would be available?

Someone who would like to one day be working for painters union. #painters-union #painting #trade-work #trade-jobs #trade

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 08, 2019 341 views

what are some skills that i should be familiar with?

My name is Anthony and I'm currently enrolling in an automotive maintenance and repair trade, Id like to know some traits I should be working on to fit the description better. #maintenanceandrepair #trade #automotive

Jakai’s Avatar
Jakai May 01, 2019 327 views

What are some good outcomes in becoming an electrician?

#electric # #education #trade work

faustino’s Avatar
faustino Apr 17, 2019 391 views

what do you need to be a pipe liner

#engineer #student #trade school

Allen’s Avatar
Allen Mar 13, 2019 356 views

What are your main responsibilities as a mechanic? What do you like most about your work as a master mechanic? What kinds of problems do you deal with? What kinds of decisions do you make? What do you like least about your work?

I am in job training at a Job Corps Center. I want to become a master mechanic someday; this is my first step.

#mechanic #trade

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Mar 12, 2019 566 views

Types of welding jobs

#underwaterwelding #welding #welder #trade #career #career-path

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 27, 2019 370 views

What is the job experience like as an electrician

#electrician #trade #construction

Dalton’s Avatar
Dalton Jan 31, 2019 501 views

what benifits does this company offer?

welding benefits #weldernation #welding #welder #trade

seth’s Avatar
seth Apr 06, 2018 578 views

whats it like underwater welding?

#myfuturereferences #welding #trade

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Aug 31, 2017 645 views

What are the most helpful and authentic online resources you would recommend a college student to start learning about FOREX trading?

Trading is a very complex network, whether it be stock or FOREX markets. And it takes a person a specific amount of time to become really good at trading. Therefore, I want to start learning and educating myself about investing in FOREX markets. #forex #trade #investment #Learning #economics...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Aug 19, 2016 924 views

What are issues that people in the international business field see often?

I am a college freshman who is wanting to know all of the positives and negatives to a job abroad. #business-development #international #international-business #international-trade #trade

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 20, 2016 685 views

Are there any 4 year automotive or Diesel Technology Degrees?

Trying to decide if I want to pursue a bachelor degree #degree #auto #trade

Declan’s Avatar
Declan Dec 22, 2014 1548 views

What degrees are best to earn for an aspiring master carpenter?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter and enjoy manual labor and working with my hands. #carpentry #trade