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Is rehabilitation technician a good trade?

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2 answers

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Jamie’s Answer

Hello Danielle,
Any trade is what you make of it. There have been revolutionary people that have contributed to all matter of industries and career paths. The real question in this a career path that interests you? Are you excited about it? What is considered a "good trade" by expectation and income, my not work out that way if you are not interested in the work or what you can achieve from it. I would suggest considering this pathway asking yourself what about this is exciting for you? You can also research People that are currently working in this industry. Do not be afraid to call or email them and ask any questions that you have.
If it is an exciting pathway for you, then I would consider it a "good trade". If it is not exciting, then I would suggest you keep looking for something that excites you.
Be Brilliant!
Jamie Meyer
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Aida’s Answer

It depends on how you define “a good trade”.

I am not a rehab technician. But, I did some research on your topic. Here are what I found:

As per LeaningPath.Org stated,

Pros of becoming a Rehab Tech:
A high school diploma or it equivalent is the only education requirement.
May receive on-the-job training
Good job security (projected 40% job growth during 2012 – 2022)
Job plentiful in rural areas
Cons of Becoming a Rehab Tech:
May spend a lot of time on your feet
May have to work evenings and weekends to accommodate patient needs
Due to a large pool of a candidate, job search can be competitive
Duties are limited due to lack of format trainings.
hopefully, this information can help you and good luck!