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Types of welding jobs

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Tom’s Answer

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Managing a quality control / NDE department for steel fabricators for many years I can tell you that being a trained quality welder at this time has massive potential. It is a dying breed so Companies are desperate to find good welders. that need will never go away. The added benefit is that it will enable to to expand you education and move from there into the NDE industry. NON Destruction Examination.

CWI Certified Welding Inspector, UT Ultrasonic testing of welds, RT Radiographic testing of welds, PMI Positive material identification and many more.

I talk to the local community colleges all the time about it. A good welder can make more in 4 years of experience than a Engineer college grad.

Tom recommends the following next steps:

  • Welding classes in as many types of welding you can. GMAW, GTAW, SAW should get you started.