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Career Questions tagged Residential Construction

Keaton’s Avatar
Keaton Jan 27 156 views

What is the best field to work in when trying to become a welder?

My name is Keaton I'm from Rock Hill, and I'm hoping to become a welder when I get out of school but I'm wondering which field of work is the most enjoyable, and the most rewarding when becoming a welder.

lenny’s Avatar
lenny Dec 06, 2022 107 views

what shifts do you have open right now?

i want to be a brick layer and build houses

edgar’s Avatar
edgar Oct 20, 2017 666 views

What do i need to work in drywall?

i like to work in drywall #carpentry #plumbing #technician #floor-planning #construction #residential-construction #construction-estimating #construction-set-building

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Aug 30, 2017 690 views

what do you like most about your career as a elevator installer and repair ?

I'm asking because this something I want to do after I finish high school. #elevator installers and repair #mechanical-engineering #construction-contracting #construction #construction-management #residential-construction