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Becca M. Jan 09 118 views

What are the everyday tasks of an engineering manager? Does this career normally require travel? What education does this job require? How could I advance in this career?

Hi, I'm Becca I really want to become a engineering manager and I would like to know a few things about it before I commit. I want to love my job so it doesn't seem like work so I would like to know if this job is the one for me. I like to build, I've been told I'm a leader, I like to better...

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swetha S. May 19, 2016 601 views

How do I become a bank manager?

I am eager. I want to become bank manager. #teaching #teacher #manager #bank #higher-education...


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Antonio W. Feb 10, 2017 454 views

What experience do I need to go to theatre school?

To see how many more classes i need to take #manager #director #actors #stage #understudy #theatre...


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aishwarya A. May 03, 2016 570 views

What degree should I choose to become a bank manager?

i have completed 2nd puc with commerce but do not know what degree I should pursue to become a bank manager in India. #manager #bank #finance #business...


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Ezhilarasi M. May 19, 2016 1747 views

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis? kindly explain #manager #and #the #k-12-technology #edtech...


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HEMANTH H. May 05, 2016 380 views
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bhumika A. May 03, 2016 975 views

How do I become a bank manager?

I am a commerce student my goal is to become a Bank manager [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #manager...


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Sidhanshu S. May 14, 2016 343 views

I have completed my bachelors in India in Commerce Professional and Now pursuing PDD(IBM) International Business Management,How can I get a good job after this diploma ?

I am International student as other International student I am unaware about Canada working culture.So,I want to gather some details about how to land into company. #business #manager #export...


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Yayuk S. Mar 29, 2017 381 views

How to write easy read CV by HR manager?

I am a lifelong student and actively looking for a job but always never hear anything back from companies I applied for. #graduate #manager #hiring...


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Edgar C. Mar 08, 2017 490 views

What does it take to become a professional soccer player ?

I am asking this because its my favorite sport and is something that me and my dad have done for many years so i can become better and succeed later on when trying to go to professional soccer. #manager #coach...


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fernando S. Feb 22, 2017 455 views

how hard is it do work as a financial manager

I am am in high school and i've been interested to be a financial manager when i graduate collage #manager...


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Leion E. Sep 24, 2016 1074 views

Project Manager

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Soundarya N. Jun 27, 2016 1090 views

I want to be entrepreneur. Which field should I choose to do innovation?

i wanted start my own enterprise to create jobs and devleop econmical envenoment... #entrepreneurship #software #entrepreneur #manager #ceo #business-idea...


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Abinash S. Jun 29, 2016 550 views
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Mariya Q. Jun 28, 2016 525 views

What should be our attitude while taking an interview? Should we speak more or let them speak?

Hi I am a graduate fresher. Looking for a job, a bit scare about the questions interviewer may ask. Help me with your precious advice. #interviews #manager #director...


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Carmen H. Jun 23, 2016 509 views

After I submitted my intern application, about how many days I will hear back from the employer?

I just submitted an intern application; I always want to check the status of the application. #human-resources #manager #employer...


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Denny Z. Jun 22, 2016 527 views
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Joshua C. Jun 22, 2016 513 views

What should one do to remain active in their career and set an example for the coworkers?

Often times many people grow bored of their job and lose interest, due to their routine, however, it is important that we stay active. I was wondering what are certain things we can do to help our concentration and effort to improve. #business #management #entrepreneurship #manager...


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Mohammed F. Jun 22, 2016 1259 views

Can a person do master of science after pursuing BBA degree ?

Is MBA best after doing BBA or MS is best can u suggest me best ? #career #career-counseling #careers #masters...


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Sohail A. Jun 20, 2016 493 views

What are the things that I need to take care while choosing a career?

What are the things that I need to take care while choosing a career? #doctor #engineer #teacher #lawyer #educator #counseling...


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Shah F. Jun 20, 2016 460 views

I want to be a officer in bank. What should I do after class 10?

Hi! I am class 10 student. My aim is to become Bank Manager. Would you please tell me what should I do after class 10? #manager #banking #bank #commercial-banking...


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Sheyenne L. May 26, 2016 572 views

Do you have any advice on proper interviewing techniques?

What are some good questions to ask a potential employee to determine if they are a good match for the job? #business #management #manager...


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Jaclyn F. May 24, 2016 358 views

What year of college is it when I should apply for any internships or coops and how do I go about getting in touch with companies that offer these types of programs?

I'm an Engineering major and want to get into Engineering Management. Not sure when to start looking into these programs #college #professor...


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Alexa Z. May 17, 2016 511 views

What type of degree would I need in order to become either the marketing manager or store manager of a fashion company?

I wish to pursue a career in fashion marketing or management and wanted some insight on what type of degree I should work to receive for the best results. #management #marketing #fashion...


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Daniela O. May 17, 2016 540 views

How many years do I need to get my masters in Administration with concentration in international business?

I want to be certain about how many years I need. #business #international...


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Jules Benjamin G. May 15, 2016 468 views

Which field of engineering gives me the greatest opportunities for advancement and flexibility to evolve/grow?

I wish to major in engineering but am unsure about what subspecialty, for example, chemical, mechanical, etc. #professor #manager #or...


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Amber C. May 13, 2016 539 views

Which is the best way to cope with feeling "stuck" in the career/job that you are in?

I am asking this question because I have the constant thought of possibly being contained with a low-paying job and clinging to the finances of my parents for the rest of my life, which I desperately want to avoid, as does every soon-to-be adult. Some family members say that they are not happy...

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kiran R. May 03, 2016 395 views

How do i become a banking Manager.

My name is Kiran, i have completed my 10th std, so which course is suitable for me to become a banking manager. #manager...


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shalini S. May 03, 2016 487 views

To become a Bank Manager which course i should be taken.

My name is Shalini.S i have completed my 10th std, and want to join for a college to continue my higher stuides, so will course will be suitable for me to become a bank manager. #manager...