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Career Questions tagged Funeral

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Apr 21, 2022 317 views

How do I start studying mortuary science on my own?

To all professional morticians out there, do you have any tips as to how I can study and research mortuary sciences? I'm unsure where to begin.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Sep 09, 2021 358 views

Where should I go to be a Mortician?

I've been researching about mortuary sciences and was wondering where the best places to get a job to be one, and where to go to school is. Does it ever have a lasting emotional impact on you? I've always been interested in bodies though that does sound strange. #mortician #mortuary-science...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 18, 2020 252 views

How long of an education will it take to become a Funeral Director?

I grew up seeing family members do #funeral work. I have a cousin who makes headstones and one who owns a funeral home. I'm not saying it looks fun, but it looks interesting! That makes me want to be the next generation of my family to own my own #Funeral home #business.

Ayla’s Avatar
Ayla Sep 01, 2017 440 views

Information about the Funeral Home business?

I plan on attending mortuary school after I graduate this year but I'm confused about all the career branches associated with the Funeral Home business. What I personally want to someday do is work in the funeral home, assist in picking up bodies, transporting to the crematory,...